Family Stories and Feng Shui

Yesterday I went live on Facebook to read an excerpt of my book. The part I read was the story in the prelude, that relates a bad bike accident that I had when I was seven, and what the events around the accident revealed to me about life. I recorded this video for you, so you may watch it below.

Family Stories and Feng Shui

This bike accident was re-told by my father, who had caused the accident, for many years after that, as a lead-in into conversations that would relate what an ornery child I had been, and the extreme parenting measures he had to resort to, in order to make sure I turned out alright – which in his mind, I didn’t.

Many times family members change the facts or the context of family stories to make themselves look better or others look worse.

In Feng Shui, there is a life area called “Health, Family and Community.” Family relationships are closely related energetically to health issues and to the sense of belonging you feel when you are in a community.

Have you experienced this? I’d like to hear your family stories. Please go share them in this page. There is a “reply to” feature at the bottom of the page that you may use to share your comments with me.

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