How to feel the energy in your home by sensitizing your hands to chi (life force)

Learning how to read the energy in your home will be very useful to you so you can tell the difference before and after a Feng Shui energy clearing.

Start with Chi in Living Beings

Chi is stronger in living beings than on inanimate objects. Inanimate objects get impregnated by chi, whereas living being generate chi.

  1. In order to feel the quality of the chi (life force) in your home, first you need to sensitize the palms of your hands and your fingers to the chi in your body.
  2. Once you have become able to perceive chi in your own body, then you will need to learn to perceive chi in another person’s hands.
  3. Next, practice moving your hands around the aura of another person and feel the difference between their chakras and other parts of their energy field.
  4. You will then be ready to read the energy in the aura of your pets.

Then Practice Getting Readings from Objects

Once you find it easy to perceive the life force in living beings, move on to get readings from inanimate objects.

Some of the most interesting objects to perceive are pieces of furniture in an antique shop. Sometimes, as you are feeling the energy, you may even pick up on emotions attached to them.

A fun category of objects to read are children’s toys or blankets.

Reading the Energy in Your Home

Watch the video for a summary on how to prepare to read the energy in your home and how to use the palms of your hands and fingers to get readings of different types of energies in your home.

  1. Clear energy feels like treading water in a pool.
  2. Heavy, dense, stagnant energy feels like treading water in the ocean.
  3. Turbulent energy may have a sandy or grainy feeling to it.

What You Need for Feng Shui Space Clearing

Supplies you’ll need to clear your home:

  • Incense, palosanto or sage.
  • A singing bowl or Tibetan bells or any metal bell.
  • A white candle or a feather (from a flying bird).

It would also be helpful to have the bagua map already applied to your home so that you know where your four corners and five midpoints are located.

By the way, if you enroll on the course Feng Shui Space Clearing Techniques now you will learn how to apply the bagua map to your floor plan.

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