Things you need to clear your home of negative energies – Nine Steps to Feng Shui®

What you need to clear your home of negative energies using the Feng Shui Tracing the Nine Stars Pattern.


What You Need for Feng Shui Space Clearing

Supplies you’ll need to clear your home:

  • Incense, aromatherapy diffuser, palosanto or sage.
  • A singing bowl or Tibetan bells or any metal bell.
  • A white candle or a feather (from a flying bird).

It would also be helpful to have the bagua map already applied to your home so that you know where your four corners and five midpoints are located.

Would You Like to Learn How to Clear Your Home of All Less Than Love Frequencies?

Learn the ancient Feng Shui space clearing technique that I have used to help my clients who were dealing with negative energies, presences, entities, or ghosts in their homes: Tracing the Nine Stars Pattern.

This is a great technique to use even if you have never dealt with these issues, because it will release all less-than-love frequencies from your home.

Click on the link below to find out more about this teleclass.


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