Your Home: From Hidden Enemy to BFF (Best friend forever!)

Your home could be hurting you by creating bad luck in 9 different ways, but, with the right Feng Shui guidance, your home can become your greatest fan and good luck generator!

Your home should be working for you, instead of against you. A home that is your best friend gives you good feedback about your life and encourages you to do better and set healthy goals for yourself. A home that is working against you, on the other hand, holds you back and keeps your stuck! Learn how your home can be put to work for your benefit. Turn your current home into a dream home, where you may live your dreams.

How Feng Shui may help you turn your home into your best friend, instead of secretly acting as your enemy!

There are nine problems that can ruin a person’s life. I have listed them here in order of importance:

  1. Self-doubt.
  2. Lack of balance.
  3. Fatigue.
  4. Hesitation.
  5. Arguments.
  6. Self-sabotage.
  7. Feeling stuck.
  8. Lack of focus.
  9. Disempowerment.

All of the above problems are related to features in the home.

Nine Things Your Home Should Be Doing for You

In the video below I discuss which features in the home can cause you to suffer from the problems listed above, and the simple solutions that can correct these problems.

Watch the video to learn what changes you need to make at home so that your home starts working for you instead of against you!

If you want to play along with the video, download and print out my brochure here before you get started.


  1. Dear Moni,

    I am sooo glad that i have access to all these info.

    Thnk u for your part in my life, God bless you.

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