Manifesting without Using the “Law of Attraction”

Hello, there! This article contains two videos.

In the first video I share with you my first experience of manifesting reality when I was 8 years old. In the second video my kids share with you their early experiences of manifesting reality.

Manifesting (also called “manifestation”) means bringing things into reality by “intending” them. (By the way, Feng Shui is one of the most ancient tools for manifesting on Earth.)

To “intend,” means that we direct our attention to something with a particular purpose or objective in mind.

What has popularly become known with the name “Law of Attraction” is one way to manifest reality, by following a particular process that many people have found effective.

However, in this article and video I am addressing manifesting through pure intent, with no system or process to go along with it.

VIDEO 1: My First Experience Manifesting Reality

My first experience of manifesting happened when I was eight years old. I did not know what I was doing, but it scared me and angered me. In this video I share with you how I did it. I did not use the law of attraction, as I had never heard about it back then.

VIDEO 2: How My Children Manifest Reality

I have been amazed to see my children grow up and manifest things in their lives with such ease that at some point my older child had reached the conclusion that “life on Earth is really easy.”

They boys manifest, toys, clothes, gadgets, events, and experiences with great ease.

In this video we shared a few stories of how they have manifested reality.

Raise Your Vibration

Check out this article on how to raise your chronic vibration (as opposed to temporary or circumstantial vibration), which is the one that supports your ability to manifest reality:

Share with Me

Please share with me at the bottom of this page whether you have had any experiences manifesting spontaneously, without using a process.

I want to hear about those times that you just wished for something, or thought about it, and bam! it happened.

These are some questions to jog your memory:

  • How did you first become aware that your thoughts, emotions and actions had an effect on actual reality?
  • Did you  have any doubts about the nature and substance of reality when you were a child? (For example, one of my teachers, when he was a child, thought the world was a stage designed to see how he would react.)
  • Did you ever, as a child or teen, get angry at somebody, and then something bad happened to them and you felt guilty, as if you had caused it?

Have you ever wondered why most people get inconsistent results when they try to use the law of attraction?

Three Reasons Why the “Law of Attraction” is NOT Working for You!

​Many people get excited when they first hear about the Law of Attraction and try to use it right away, often experiencing “beginners luck.” However, it soon stops working for them, or it may work for a while and then they reach a plateau. Find out why this happens by watching the free webinar Three Reasons Why the “Law of Attraction” is NOT Working for You!


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