Law of Attraction Epic Fails: What is the secret behind the secret behind the secret?

Have you ever used or tried to use what is commonly known as the “Law of Attraction?”

I have met a few people who do great with the LOA on a regular basis.

Most people I know that use the LOA have inconsistent results.

I have also met several people who have ruined careers, relationships, and businesses due to the LOA. In the first video I share three of these stories with you.

What has your personal experience been? Share with me at the bottom of this page.

Law of Attraction Epic Fails

In this video I share with you three stories of people who tried to use the LOA and ended up worse of:

  1. The first story is of a woman who believed she could fix her marriage with positive thinking and affirmations alone.
  2. The second story is about a woman who abandoned a high paying job to pursue a business making crafts, with no previous experience, because she believed that if she did what she loved, the money would follow.
  3. The third story is about a business that decided to expand with no growth strategy, but just giving their staff LOA training to “attract more clients.”

The Secret Behind the Secret, Behind the Secret

When the movie The Secret was first released, the concept of manifesting reached the masses, and millions of people decided to try it.

Several years later, many people started searching online for “law of attraction not working,” and teachers of the LOA responded by creating programs that “revealed the secret behind the secret.”

Yet, later on, many people where still wondering why the LOA was not working for them, so then teachers started revealing “the secret behind the secret, behind the secret.”

All along, Feng Shui manifesting techniques were already using the secret, behind the secret, behind the secret. Watch the video to learn what it is!

In my next video I reveal the real reason why so many people fail at the law of attraction, even when they are following the instructions to a “T,” using the secret, behind the secret, behind the secret. Watch it here.

HINT: It has to do with the Feng Shui Bagua Map!

Have you ever wondered why most people get inconsistent results when they try to use the law of attraction?

Three Reasons Why the “Law of Attraction” is NOT Working for You!

​Many people get excited when they first hear about the Law of Attraction and try to use it right away, often experiencing “beginners luck.” However, it soon stops working for them, or it may work for a while and then they reach a plateau. Find out why this happens by watching the free webinar Three Reasons Why the “Law of Attraction” is NOT Working for You!



  1. I have had random success with LOA , it quite as much as I would like to have had but some. I’ve also watched the SECRET and have learned the secret behind the secret but not the secret behind the secret behind the secret. Eager to learn, thanks Moni

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