A Beautiful Toilet – the Feng Shui Toilet

The Feng Shui toilet is a subject of controversy. On the one hand, the toilet is believed to be the biggest drain for chi (life force) in the home. On the other, no one wants to go back to outhouses!
We all love the comforts of indoor plumbing, but if you want to have good energy at home, don’t forget to put the toilet seat and lid down every single time – before you flush!

A Beautiful Toilet

As you may imagine, having a Feng Shui consultant as a mom, my children were taught to put the toilet seat and lid down – from birth (or just about).

They were so enthusiastic about it, letting the toilet seat and lid down on free-fall, that a few years ago they cracked the toilet in our bathroom.

It was a tiny fissure crack in the porcelain toilet bowl. But you don’t mess with cracks in a toilet, so as soon as I noticed, I moved to replace it.

It took me eight hours of serious research to find a toilet that met all the requirements that I wanted in a new toilet. The search wasn’t easy, but we got a truly beautiful toilet.

I know, for many, the words toilet and beautiful should not go together, a beautiful toilet sounds like an oxymoron!

How I Chose Our Toilet

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have thought of purchasing a new toilet if the previous one hadn’t cracked. Our old toilet was a regular toilet and I had never actually given thought to the fact that you could have a toilet that could “spark joy.”

Once I had to look for a toilet, though, I did my research.

There were a few things I wanted in a toilet, and there were some things that were not up to me but up to the plumbing.

The right height

Toilets in America have been getting taller. This is not as a consequence of people getting taller, but rather of joints getting stiffer. Many people prefer a higher toilet, because it is easier for them to sit on it and get up from it.

However, a lower toilet is better, because the squatting position is best for easier bowel movements. For this reason, in many areas in East Asia, toilets are almost as low as the floor.

The only people who really need a taller toilet seat are those with disabilities, who need to move from a wheel chair to the toilet, and back.

So when choosing our new toilet, I wanted to make sure that it was standard height (15″), and not the newer “comfort height” or “right height” (17 to 19″)

The rough-in

The rough-in is the distance between the wall and the toilet drain. When choosing a toilet to replace an existing toilet, you have to choose one that has the same rough in measurement.

A slow closing lid

Since the reason we had to replace the toilet was a crack caused by overenthusiastic dropping of the toilet seat and lid, I wanted to get a toilet with a slow motion closing lid. Let me tell you, I hadn’t realized how annoying the sound of a toilet lid hitting the seat had been.

1 and 2

I had often thought of how much waste there was when flushing the toilet after someone went number 1.  For this reason, I wanted a toilet that had two flush settings, one for number 1, and one for number 2.

No squiggly thing at the base

That squiggly curvy thing at the base of toilets is actually very ugly. It makes it hard to clean the base of the toilet. I wanted a toilet that had a completely smooth base.

bad feng shui toilet

How ugly is that!

feng shui toilet

A smooth toilet base is much better looking, and easier to clean.

The Feng Shui Toilet

When I put together everyone I wanted in a toilet, and after hours of searching, I only found 2 toilets that met my requirements. One of them was a luxury toilet, worth over $1,400!

Luckily there was another option that cost a few hundred dollars.

Aside from my personal preferences, there are two characteristics that I believe everyone should consider when choosing a toilet.

  • The Feng Shui toilet should be easy to clean, because cleanliness keep the energy of a home high.
  • The Feng Shui toilet should also be environmentally friendly, avoiding the waste of water.

Bathrooms are not Exhibition Rooms

However beautiful the toilet, however beautiful the bathroom, this room is not meant to be put into showcase. Many American women put a lot of care into their bathroom, to make it beautiful. Then they want to keep the bathroom door open so that people get to admire it. This is a mistake.

Even with the most beautiful bathroom, the door needs to be kept closed at all times, except when going in and out.

Learn How to Create a Feng Shui Correct Bathroom

Check out this online class  The Feng Shui Correct Bathroom.

You will not only learn all there is to know about Feng Shui and Bathrooms. I will personally advice you on how to Feng Shui the bathrooms in your home so that they don’t cause you bad luck!


  1. you make me SMILE so much Moni!!!

    i am keeping your toilet ???? shopping checklist!! i usually have a pile of notes ???? scribbled with newfound knowledge ( terms, options, features ) while trying to shop for home appliances, etc. this otherwise simple, pre-shopping research turns into an overwhelming frustrating experience.

    my facial expressions resemble that of a foreigner visiting an American grocery store for the first time ???????? and just steering at the hundreds of cereal options in befuddled confusion.

    the toilet shopping experience – especially in CALIFORNIA – where legal mandates on just how low our flow must go makes me nuts! the plumbers will never go out of business here! i long for that powerful commercial toilet flush and done sound! ( like airplane ✈️ lavatories – when you flush the metal toilet and it seems like you could be sucked out of the airplane if you’re not paying attention! )

    sending you all my best from the West!

    • I feel you! It seems the smallest purchase decision these days requires hours of research. No wonder most Americans suffer from decision fatigue (one of the causes of clutter!)

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