My recurring dream about bathrooms and the role bathrooms play in home elimination

For some time, I’ve been having a recurring dream having to do with bathrooms. I never thought much about it, until one of my healers gave me a really good interpretation for the dream. Watch the video below to find out what the dreams are like and how he interpreted them, and what this has to do with what you do in your home regarding bathrooms.

Bathrooms were [and are!] symbols of wealth

For a long time after indoor plumbing became available only the very wealth could afford them.

In our modern times, the number, size and style of the bathrooms in a home still constitute symbols of opulence and wealth.

You can see it in movies

When movie makers want to depict poverty or a life going downhill they create scenes that happen in bathrooms that are old, broken or dirty.

But stories about successful, happy people, include scenes with large, beautiful bathrooms.

It is a factor in success

One of the reasons the fast food chain McDonald’s is so successful is that their bathrooms have a reputation for being clean. When people are on the road and they need to make a stop, they know that if they stop at a McDonald’s, as opposed to other chains or a gas station, they are not going to have to gag as they are trying to use the bathroom!

Real Estate is at odds with Feng Shui!

When it comes to bathrooms, many of the selling points that a realtor would highlight on a listing are at odds with Feng Shui. Here’s a sampler:

Number of bathrooms

In Real Estate, the more bathrooms a home has compared to the total square footage of the home, this is a good thing. However, in Feng Shui it is not a good idea to have bathrooms taking over too much of the square footage. For example, a Feng Shui correct floor plan would not recommend that the number of bathrooms always match the number of people in the home. This means that people need to share, and sharing bathrooms can lead to bitter confrontations.

Size of bathrooms

In Real Estate, the larger the bathroom, the better, but in Feng Shui smaller bathrooms are preferred. A bathroom should be as large as it needs to be for functional reasons, but no larger.

Open concept

Many high end homes hail the open concept master suite, where there is no clear separation between the sleeping area in the bathroom. This is a very bad idea from the Feng Shui perspective, because the energy of the bathroom is very different from the energy of the master bedroom.

Have your cake and eat it too!

I want you to be able to enjoy all the spa characteristics that we expect to have in the modern bathroom, while at the same time staying true to Feng Shui requirements so that your bathroom does not become a factor for bad luck.

A bathroom can create bad luck if:

  1. It’s located in the love corner, wealth corner, health midpoint or center of the home. (The latter is the worst!)
  2. There’s a foyer, bedroom, or kitchen under it.
  3. It shares a wall with a kitchen or bedroom.
  4. It’s under a staircase.
  5. There’s no clear separation between the master bedroom and the bathroom.
  6. It’s the first thing you see when you come home.

Learn How to Create a Feng Shui Correct Bathroom

On Thursday, February 28th, I will be teaching a teleclass titled The Feng Shui Correct Bathroom.
You will not only learn all there is to know about Feng Shui and Bathrooms. I will personally advice you on how to Feng Shui the bathrooms in your home so that they don’t cause you bad luck!

Now It’s Your Turn

How happy are you with your current bathroom? If money was not an issue, how would you change your bathroom? Do the people in your home argue around bathroom use?

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  1. Dear Moni,

    As you know I have never been happy with the bathroom. The position of the toilet opening directly to the kitchen really bothers me. I try to get Peter to close the door but he often doesn’t. I painted it yellow so it was obviously a door going somewhere but still he leaves it open. It doesn’t bother him at all and yet it really bothers me. I feel vulnerable on the loo in case someone should open the door. I have always wanted to move the toilet and put a bath where the toilet is bit the contractors I have spoken with will not do a partial bathroom makeover – it is all or nothing something to do with the warranties and guaranties.

    • Yes, it is not auspicious to have a kitchen and a bathroom right next to each other, and even in architectural design I find it very strange to have the door to the bathroom open from the kitchen. The yellow door is the right call. Maybe if you share with your husband how the bathroom drains chi and money when the door is keep open, that would motivate him. Another alternative is to install a self-closing hinge.

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