Bathroom decoration nightmares – Don’t do these things in YOUR bathroom!

In my most recent book, Room by Room, Feng Shui Secrets for a Happy Life, I share with readers how my grandmother took me with her, from an early age, to visit her friends.

Thanks to these visits, I got to see a myriad of different types of homes, belonging to families of all social classes.

Some of those homes had bathrooms were the lady of the house had put so much effort into decorating, that she ended up worsening many of the problems that naturally come with a bathroom.

These decorations included elaborate knit toilet seat covers, and lace skirting to cover up the toilet stand.

These created huge problems, because they were made from materials that absorbed odors. Then, to counteract the bad smells in the bathroom, strong perfumes were sprayed on all surfaces. The effect was nauseating.

Having these soft materials on and around the toilet also meant that whenever a boy had bad aim when going number one, the spills would be absorbed by the cloth or yarn! Other bodily waste could also get smeared on these surfaces.

The hilarious video below will give you an idea of the kinds of things I saw. The video is recorded in Spanglish by the awesome Jenny Lorenzo, but it has subtitles so English speakers can understand it all.

And Also in the South

I thought that this excessive decorating of bathrooms was a Latin American thing, but when I first moved to the USA I lived in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It turned out that, in their own style, Southern women also overdid bathroom decorations, with similar results.

Southern women wanted visitors to admire their bathrooms, so they decorated them so they would have a special effect when seen from different angles. Because they left their bathroom doors open at all times, they didn’t give bathroom vents a chance to work properly. Bathroom vents work best when the bathroom door is closed.

To try to correct the bad smells emanating from their bathrooms, they used plugins that let out bad chemicals into the air. When combined with bathroom smells, these aromas made the smells permeate the whole home!

The bathrooms were full of luxury towels that were there for their looks and did not really absorb any water. They also had specialty soaps that were not to be touched.

They often used very dark colors of paint in their bathrooms, that made the fixtures, including the toilet, stand out.

What a mess!

We all want to have beautiful bathrooms, but most decorating techniques that would help in other rooms in the home do not work in bathrooms.

Bathrooms are functional rooms. The things that happen in bathrooms aren’t all pretty, and most produce waste that needs to be easy to clean, for hygiene purposes.

Traditional Feng Shui does not pay much attention to bathrooms, other than to tell you to keep the toilet seat and lid down, keep the door closed, and keep the bathroom clean.

For most of us, however, that is not enough. We want our bathrooms to be places where we can experience some relaxation and luxury. For mothers of young children, the bathroom is the only place in the home to experience some solitude!

Learn How to Create a Feng Shui Correct Bathroom

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Now It’s Your Turn

How happy are you with your current bathroom? If money was not an issue, how would you change your bathroom? Do the people in your home argue around bathroom use?

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