Powerful Women with Feng Shui

Are you a powerful woman, or do you know one?

As you probably imagine, most of my clients and students are women. I guess it comes with the territory – women tend to have stronger nesting instincts than men, and Feng Shui is largely about improving the energy of the home.

My Big WHY

Someone recently asked me what was the big WHY behind my business. Why did I choose to go into Feng Shui? I don’t remember, at any given moment, making the choice to start a Feng Shui business, but rather responding to very precise and very clear nudgings of life to go in that direction.

On hindsight, though, with the benefit of perspective, I can see that  my choices where guided by an internal desire to empower women.

I see Feng Shui as a way to empower women all over the world to take the wheels of their own destiny in their hands and start having a say in the script of their lives. The home has long been a source of power for women.

Even in cultures where females are treated as second class citizens, the place where they can start expressing their power is the home.

Women in the Developing World

I was born and raised in a small country in South America, called Ecuador, about the size of the state of Colorado. In the culture where I grew up, there is a definite double standard. Women are considered second class citizens.

Sure, women in Ecuador can get an education and find good jobs, or start businesses, but in Latin culture, they always come second to men.

My Own Mother

There are numerous books and movies where you see women stay in abusive situations because they don’t have the means to support themselves and their children.

That was not my mother’s case. My mom was a successful business owner, who made a good living. During a large part of my childhood, my father didn’t even work. When he did start his own business he spent his own money recklessly and never contributed to the needs of the household. In fact, my father’s extravagances and vices were a constant drain on my mother’s finances. He was verbally, emotionally and sometimes physically abusive with her. Financially, at least, she would have been better off without him.

However, my mother believed that without a man her life would be a complete failure. She didn’t think highly enough of herself to imagine a life where she could be loved by a man who would respect her and treat her as an equal.

Giving a Partner a Chance to Rise to the Occasion

Many women I know are so terrified to lose their partner, that they put up with unbelievable degrees of unhappiness. I often think that if they stood their ground, if they demanded to be treated as equals with love and respect, the people they love would rise to the occasion. They would both grow spiritually from the experience.

What I Love About Feng Shui

One thing I love about Feng Shui is that I get to see women blossom into their true selves as they work through the process of working on the Feng Shui Immersion Program (my long distance Feng Shui consultation service) or my Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant Training.

I love working with students and clients and seeing them transform their lives by making small changes in their homes.


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