To be wealthy, make friends with a tree

If you want to understand wealth better, make friends with a tree.

Most people who struggle to build their wealth, don’t understand wealth. When faced with the question, what does wealth mean? They start with “having a lot of money, or at least plenty of money.”

Money is like water. It soaks and goes down. 

Wealth is like a tree that gathers nutrients and water from the soil and lifts them into its branches. 

Sure, money helps build wealth, but it is not in itself wealth.

Trees Are Like People

Trees are the “people” of the vegetable world. In Feng Shui, they are considered as important as people. We are both connectors of Heaven and Earth.

  • People connect Heaven to Earth.
  • Trees connect Earth to Heaven.

The tree IS the Feng Shui symbol for wealth.

Make friends with a tree and you will understand wealth. When you understand wealth, it will be easier to have more of it.

Choose a tree in your property to “adopt.” Sit under this tree a minimum of 7 minutes per week, but ideally at least a few minutes per day. Read under it, meditate under it, ask questions, and then empty your mind to see if you “get” an answer.

Don’t have a tree? Choose a tree from a nearby park or greenway.

You See It in Every Culture

All over the world, there are stories about people who became illuminated or enlightened while sitting under a tree. This is no coincidence. Sitting under a tree closes an energetic/spiritual circuit that enables to establish direct communication with Heaven and get clear guidance.

In My Country of Origin

I learned this from the indigenous people’s of Ecuador, where I was born.

In the country, when a baby is born, the father plants a tree for them. Before the baby can walk, the father carries the baby with him to tend to the tree and explains to the baby about what needs to be done.

As soon as the baby can walk, the baby helps the father take care of a tree, until there comes a time when the child knows what to do.

From then on, the mother reminds the child to “go say hi” to the tree before breakfast every morning.

In adult life, the young man or woman comes back to their childhood home to consult with the tree before making major decisions. It works.

Make friends with a tree and you will become wealthier because you will understand how wealth works. When you understand how wealth works, it will be easier for you to amass it, and you won’t feel guilty to do it, because you will understand the intrinsic design of life.

In My Home

The boys and I just built a bench under our maple tree in the front yard, to make it easier to sit under our tree. Our tree gives us good advice, and gives us a sense of calm. The feeling of hanging out with a tree is really unique, and as a society we don’t do this enough.

Have You Made Friends with a Tree?

Do you have a tree at home with whom you could strengthen your connection?

How do you feel when you sit under a tree?

Share with me in the comments below (reply).

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  1. Hi moni
    This is very interesting. When I left SYDNEY I rescued a tree in a pot that had been in a cramped pot for ages. I brought it with me. But every Gardner said don’t plant that tree, I started to feel a bit afraid of the tree getting too big. it will grow into a huge dig tree. I have thought about putting it in the bush
    But after this post- I was thinking maybe I could put it in a much bigger pot. I placed it in the corner of the wealth area on the deck

    • That sounds like a good idea, to put it in a large pot. I have seen large trees pruned every year to keep them smaller, so the roots wouldn’t grow too large either. Maybe that’s something you could do?

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