Generate Wealth Like a Tree – the Feng Shui Symbol of Wealth

Understanding wealth and money in Feng Shui means understanding trees and water.

Trees symbolize wealth and water symbolizes money.

This Is How Trees Work

A tree receives chi and energy from Heaven just like people get inspired with ideas from Heaven.

A tree gathers water and nutrients from the moist dirt, then pulls them up its branches, stems and leaves. Then the tree releases vapor into the air to create clouds.

The clouds become rain, delivering the water back to the earth.

Because in Feng Shui WATER = MONEY it is important to analyze how the tree handles water, to understand how you should handle money.

Taking Directions from Heaven

A tree captures light from the sun and transforms it into energy that can be used in the physical, earth plane.

Likewise, you need to make sure that all your activities aimed at generating wealth are in alignment with the designs of Heaven.

It is a belief in Feng Shui that you came into this life time with particular purposes. When you deviate too much from those purposes, things get difficult, and you may feel blocked.

Of course, things also get blocked when you feel afraid and self-sabotage. Finding your path to wealth, then, has to include the ability to discern between difficulties caused by your own fear, and difficulties stemming from trying to follow the wrong path.

Pulling Resources from the Earth

You have been given many blessings in your life.

The conditions of your birth are part of these blessings — the country where you were born, the language(s) you speak, the people in your family and the connections that came with them.

You have been blessed with knowledge, some of which you acquired through school, workshops and seminars you have attended and experiences you have lived through. All of these have resulted in skills you have today.

You have been blessed with particular natural abilities and tendencies that make you stand out from other people, and make your presence desirable and needed around others.

All these are resources that are at your disposal at the moment of deciding how you are going to grow your wealth. The trick is to figure out how you can pull these resources and make them go up into an enterprise that generates more wealth for you.

Lifting Resources Through Stems and Branches

If you are in business, you need a business model, and if you are not in business you still need a wealth life model.

Your business or wealth life model need to answer these questions:

  • Where are you going to find the people who need and appreciate what you have to offer?
  • Once you find them, how will you communicate to them that:
    • You are an authority and that you can be trusted?
    • That it is worthy to invest in what you are offering them?
  • How will you collect payments?
  • How will you deliver the products or services?

You need a plan, you need a method, and most of all you need to understand how wealth works.


The tree uses resources from the Earth without reserve. It takes what it needs. You should also use the resources available to you without guilt. The tree has no reserve in pulling up resources because it knows that it will process them to produce numerous blessings for itself and others. A tree doesn’t just give back what it took, it gives resources back transformed into products that are life affirming and benefit the whole ecosystem.

In your work and in your business, focus on how you are blessing yourself and others in your community every day and in the long term.


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