This is what happens when you sit under a tree: you complete the energetic circuit between Heaven and Earth

In Feng Shui and ancient Chinese wisdom, there are three levels of existence:

  1. Heaven
  2. Earth
  3. Humankind

Heaven symbolizes the intangible spiritual plane of existence. Many healers and light workers refer to it as “Spirit” or “Source.”

Heaven is the source of inspiration and ideas.

Earth is the term to refer to the physical reality in which we live, which we modify through our actions.

Connectors of Heaven and Earth

Both people and trees are connectors of Heaven and Earth, but in different ways.

People connect Heaven to Earth and Trees connect Earth to Heaven.

People “catch” ideas from Heaven and use emotions to turn those ideas into actions that produce changes in the physical world. That’s why in Feng Shui we say people are the CONNECTORS of Heaven and Earth.

Trees absorb nutrients from the earth, use water to pull them up their branches and stems, and then release vapors into the atmosphere, creating clouds. That’s why in Feng Shui we say trees are the CONNECTORS of Earth and Heaven.

When you sit under a tree, you close the energetic and spiritual circuit between Heaven and Earth.

  • You get better ideas.
  • You make better decisions.
  • You take better actions.

With better ideas, better decisions, and better actions — your wealth grows.

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