Trees are the Feng Shui Symbol for Wealth

Trees are the Feng Shui Symbol for Wealth.

To understand wealth, you need to understand how trees work.

Trees use the water in moist dirt to pull nutrients up from the earth. Those nutrients are then delivered to the trunk, branches, stems and leaves. The tree stores water in every part of its anatomy, and then releases some of it back to the atmosphere in the form of vapor (steam).

The water vapors accumulate into clouds and then the clouds condense into rain. The rain falls down to the ground, making the whole cycle possible again.

In Feng Shui Water equals Money

You need money to feed your wealth, but money alone does not create wealth.

The water contained in the moist dirt on the ground is symbolic of the human exchange of energy that happens through trading. In modern times, that energy is traduced into money. We use money to exchange all sorts of products and services.

In order to start growing your wealth, you need a mix of preexisting money and the willingness to work to multiply that money. This is why people say “it takes money to make money.”

Money, like water, naturally goes down. Gravity pulls money down. Inflation (prices going up) and devaluation (loss of value in money) pull money down.

Water left on the ground will sink down or dry out. The same happens to money if you don’t invest it.

The pull of water up the tree’s trunk, stems, branches, and leaves symbolizes the investment of money.  It’s the only way to make your money grow.

Trees store water in all parts of their anatomy. Money is stored in savings, bonds and investments. Money is also stored in equipment that you use for business, training that you get to be more efficient at work, and the connections you make in the community.

Connections Generate Wealth

Trees use their roots to communicate and share nutrients with other trees. Trees trade nutrients with trees from their own species and other species. Mama trees send sugar to their saplings to make sure they grow strong. When there is an insect attack on one tree, that tree communicates this to its neighbors so they can strengthen their defenses (usually by changing their chemistry).

The tree, the Feng Shui symbol for wealth, is not one isolated individual growing and thriving on its own.

A tree is connected to its environment. A tree understands that a healthy and balanced forest guarantees its survival.

It’s the same when you are in business or when you work for a business. A business needs to establish its importance in the community where it is located. It needs to attract clients, deliver goods or services, create good relationships with customers, other businesses and their own suppliers.

The more connected you are, the easier it is to become wealthy.

How We Define Wealth in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System

Through deep study and careful observation, creating relationships with clients and helping them arrange their spaces to thrive, this is how we define WEALTH in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System:

Wealth is the ACCUMULATION of MATERIAL GOODS, SKILLS (abilities & knowledge) and CONNECTIONS.

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