Your Wealth Should Grow Like a Tree: Deeper, Taller, and Thicker Every Year

A tree grows deeper, taller and thicker every year. The Tree is the Feng Shui symbol of Wealth for good reasons. Your wealth, or net worth, should increase every year. This is natural, and easy.

If your net worth is not growing every year, something’s up. Something’s wrong!

It’s a Matter of Worth

The life area in Feng Shui that addresses Wealth is also associated with Self-Worth. Many people self-sabotage money-making and wealth growth because they feel they don’t deserve to enjoy the best things in life.

They believe they have to struggle and work really hard just to make ends meet.

They feel that for them to have enough, or more than enough, someone else has to go without.


The Universe was not designed like that. The Universe was designed on the principle of over-abundance. Over-abundance sustains life.

Think about it: there’s much more of what all plants in the world need to thrive (sunshine, water, soil).

There are many more plants than all animals in the world could eat, and there are lots more vegetable-eating animals in any environment than there are predators.

Life is sustained by the principle of over-abundance.

Grow Your Wealth Like Trees Grow

Allow your wealth to grow like a healthy tree grows: deeper, taller and thicker every year:


Every year, the roots of a tree grow deeper and they cover more of the underground soil in search for nutrients.

The longer you’ve been in business, the easier it becomes to grow your wealth because your roots in the community are deeper. Every year you meet more people, more people have experienced your goods or services, more people are talking about you and how you serve your community.


Every year, a tree grows taller. Even when it has reached its top height, it continues to grow in density of branches and foliage.

The more you work manufacturing a product or delivering a service, the better you get at it. Your services become more valuable due to the experience accumulated. Your products should also become better made. If your business is ethical, they will. It is a huge mistake for businesses to lower the quality of their products in an attempt to increase their bottom line. Reducing the quality of products is a betrayal to a community that has put their trust in you.


Every year, a tree adds a ring to its trunk. It gets thicker and stronger.

Your work and your connections grow from year to year, making your business stronger. The more reliable and recognized you are in your community the more likely it is that your business will continue to prosper over the years.

Ultimately, wealth is nothing but how necessary the people in your community believe you are to that community.

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