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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in many TV shows and movies the very rich are portrayed as shallow, stupid and mean. Sometimes downright evil.

So I wanted to ask you, how many rich people have you met “in the flesh?”
Have you met anyone who is what is commonly called “filthy rich?”

If you have, share with me your impressions of them below this article.

I grew up surrounded by millionaires, the 1%. Some of them were the 1% of the 1%, people with more money than they could ever hope to spend, and with that money came a lot of power.

Most of them were nice!

Most of them were really nice people. But some of them, I believe, were downright evil. As a little girl, I was able to tell who were not good people even though they put up such a good pretense that they fooled all the adults. Time would prove me right!

The people with money that would be classified as evil were the ones that did not want to grow their wealth like a healthy tree, but would rather take advantage and use other people for their purposes, much like some plants use trees to climb rapidly upward, like a vine. 

Check out this synchronicity!

How interesting that as I was writing this article, my younger son found that two strands of poison ivy had popped up and were trying to climb up our majestic maple tree –– located right in the wealth corner of our property! Don’t you love synchronicity?

Watch the video below to learn more about what the truly rich people, who have built their wealth the right way – like trees – are really like. In the video I also talk about the evils of a “social climber.” It is a good thing for any person to want to improve their financial status, but social climbers get it all wrong!

To become wealthier, you need to vanquish notions and beliefs that money is evil or that having money will make you evil.

Wealth growth is natural for any person who is committed to simply being a decent human being, who doesn’t mind doing the work they came to do.

If this isn’t happening, you’re doing something wrong!

If your net worth is not growing from year to year, you are doing something wrong!

Feng Shui can help you become wealthier by creating an environment where you can thrive. Take the first baby step below by signing up to this free tiny email course that can have a huge impact in how you see money and wealth. In the world of Feng Shui, small, simple, inexpensive actions can have impressive results!


  1. Hi moni
    There are all kinds of rich people like poor people
    In Buddhism it’s seen as the result of your good karma that
    you are born into a wealthy family . But it’s what you do with that good karma -whether you use it well or waste it.
    Buddhism like Feng Shui supports right livelihood
    The Christian idea of the “ meek shall inherit the earth “ is not Buddhist

    My family were upper middle class but declined in my parents lifetime to middle class due to business failures. We knew upper middle class kids
    I can’t say they were that nice really they tended to use the less wealthy kids. My mother didn’t like the loss of standing and resented “nouveau riche people ” or social climbers their biggest sin in her mind was they had poor taste. Even though we had less money we had taste
    Social climbers and poor people liked “ kitch”
    Kitch is “ducks going up the wall” plastic flowers pile carpets garish ornaments. However I’ve always had a secret fascination for kitch.
    Feng Shui with money bags and crystals would be kitch in my mother’s world .
    . So it’s a mixed bag and then many people I met at university from poorer backgrounds had a chip on their shoulders they became these university educated class warriors. Actually I liked the solid working class tradespeople who worked hard they were the nicest of all quite lovely and they love kitch

    • Many people struggle to reconcile spirituality with wealth. The Feng Shui belief is that having your needs met, and more, makes you more able to fulfill your life missions. How much money you have the potential to make is believed to depend on what you came to do. In some cases, money gets blocked if having a lot of money would cause a person to stop working towards their goals.

      I’m going to do a separate video on how the rich kids we knew, who misbehaved, were entitled and got into lots of trouble, ended up in adult life. It’ll be interesting!

  2. I had the belief that I had to keep to the poorer side to remain ‘humble’ or authentic. It took many years of ambivalence with aspiring to be good and to do good in the world while doing without. Extremely difficult, and overall depressing.

    All of that self-limiting was partly given to me by my family that operated in perpetual *lack*, and being a creative compounded the feelings of being a ‘loser’ at life.

    And then I got sick of that, and the Holy Spirit came upon me and woke me up to a very different way of thinking.

    I will do well with much or little but I have lived on the little side of the spectrum. I believe myself worthy and trustworthy to remain genuine and humble (before God).

    I have applied several of the money cures given in the free email series,vand already feel good about my surroundings and my efforts to pull myself up more. Other boats will go up around and with me. 🙂 Thank you, Moni!

    • Em, thank you so much for sharing. It seems you are going through a profound transformation in your relationship with money and wealth. I’m glad the free course is helping. ????

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