A Decluttering Tip to Find Your Life Purpose

One of the most common questions that students enrolled in my training site ask is this “how can I find my purpose?”

It is a central belief in Feng Shui that you came into this lifetime with life missions. 

Life is constantly sending you subtle, and not so subtle, messages trying to nudge you to align with your purpose – your reason or reasons to be here.

There is a type of clutter that blocks you from really finding your purpose and your passion. What is it? Are you ready?

Many of my clients and students are very creative people who love to journal. When they get a great idea, they jot it down. They have written ideas for books, for articles, for paintings, for retreats, for courses, you name it.

Not All Ideas Are Good

The problem is that they live with a tremendous accumulation of OLD ideas hidden in journals, pieces of paper or notes. The pile of ideas gets so large that it ends up blocking their creativity. New ideas don’t come in!

Consider this: some ideas come to you simply to clutter your mind, and the reason you write them on your journal is to get them out of your head, NOT so you won’t forget them.

Great Ideas a Long Time Ago are not Necessarily Good Ideas Today

All things that are important to you keep coming back to you. All the messages that are essential to you appear in front of you ALL THE TIME.

The things you need to do TODAY, in the present time, or in the near future, need to be nurtured by NEW ideas, not ideas you had three years ago!

If the answer to your life purpose was in your old journals, you’d already know what it is. You would have recognized it as soon as it hit the paper.

Open the Doors to NEW Creativity

So go ahead, recycle your old journals and notes (any that are over one year old) and open the doors to spiritual and energetic creativity, and you will be guided to your purpose, your passions and your authentic life missions.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but if you don’t do this, you will remain stuck. Trust the power of Feng Shui to change your life.

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  1. I actually felt a great sense of relief reading this – it completely resonates. I have years of journals and creative ideas and bins of all of my ideas and paper work. I have always felt I shouldn’t through anything out as I might give away my best ideas. This helped so much! Thank you. You are so right and I already feel more open and creative!

  2. Moni, I believe you have a sound basis for your proposition. In my experience with journaling, I have come to know myself better.

    Once upon a time, I only recorded the negatives in my life. After more than a couple occasions of coming away feeling depressed by how maladapted to life I apparently was, I finally woke up to a different way of journaling: to record the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as the neutral. In other words, a more complete picture of my life in those moments.

    And, every so often when I read through some random pages of older journals, I get rewarded by the recognition of how far I have come in my growth.

    Compared to the volume of old bills and financial statements, my journals hardly qualify as major clutter in my household. Besides, those things tend to demand “Order”, whereas the journals can sit on a shelf or in the bottom of the closet in a small gym bag as in my case. Figuring out aesthetically pleasing & functional filing system has plagued me for too long.

    This is my experience, for what it’s worth.

    • Em, if your journals are not creating clutter for you then it’s not an issue for you. Some of my clients have several medium sized cardboard boxes filled with ideas and it becomes very overwhelming to them. By the way, have you found your life’s purpose?

      • Hi Moni, no I guess old journals are not my biggest issue.

        Have I found my life’s purpose? I think so. At least, I feel like I belong in this life and now trust that my highest good is on its way to me and I can keep on living and loving my Higher Power who is a triune God and I have purpose because I set my intention to trust and serve God.

        Thanks for all you do!

  3. True, any refinement introduces new ideas, new opportunities, thank you, dear Moni!

    • Yes, our creativity needs to stay in tune with the times! Great old ideas can’t possibly take into consideration current circumstances. ????

  4. Phew ???? I guess I have some cleaning to do. It’s not causing clutter because I don’t have boxes of journals, but I do have some with old ideas that have not yet manifested. Maybe it’s time to throw them out!

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