This One Mirror Could Ruin Your Life

It is a rule in Feng Shui that you shouldn’t have any mirrors on display that distort the reflected image in any way.

However, many people forget to do something about this one mirror that most women over 30 have at home.

Watch the video below to see why you need to cover up magnifying mirrors and the energetic problems of not doing so. I also share with you the best way I have found to cover these mirrors.

More Reasons to Cover Magnifying Mirrors

When I was a child, perhaps eight, I came home to the strong smell of burning. The curtains in my mother’s bedroom had caught fire.

How did this happen? Her magnifying mirror was on her vanity dresser and it had caught the morning sunshine in such a way that it magnified the sun rays and directed them to a spot on the curtains. That’s how the fire started. One more reason to make sure these mirrors are covered!

Five Mirrors You Should Take Out of Your Home RIGHT NOW!

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