Feng Shui for the Home

feng shui for the home
Feng Shui for the home is an ancestral art

One of the biggest challenges people face when looking for advice on Feng Shui for the Home is that there seem to be many ways to apply Feng Shui.

When an art of space arrangement has been around for thousands of years, there can be many versions of it. However, they don’t all work. In fact, most of them don’t work.

Sometimes, Feng Shui Goes Wrong

Some traditional Feng Shui cures don’t mesh with Western aesthetics

I have been to many homes where people tried to apply Feng Shui by themselves (and even some who had previously hired consultants) that looked quite bizarre. Cures had been thrown here and there in attempts to improve the family’s wealth or to attract love, but they were disconnected from the interior design of the home.

There might be a money frog thrown in one corner and three Chinese coins joined with red thread hanging from another corner. A laughing Buddha with the big belly on the entry table, and a lucky cat next to it. Jade ornaments placed in front of windows. Some of these homes looked like Chinese restaurants or Chinese nail salons.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with looking like a Chinese restaurant or a nail salon – if the space is a Chinese restaurant or a nail salon. I find them to be very beautiful places.

When you’re applying Feng Shui to your home, though, the results should be different.

For homes, these “cures” don’t work.

The worst part is that after these home owners had thrown about all these “Feng Shui cures” nothing had changed. Their wealth didn’t improve, their marriage worsened, the relationship with their children declined.

Bad Consultants Giving Bad Advice on Feng Shui for Homes

Some Feng Shui consultants give bizarre advice

The ones that had hired Feng Shui consultants were even worse. I kid you not, these are some of the “corrections” that their consultants had recommended:

  • Two-hundred-gallon tin horse troughs placed outside of the home to attract money. Incidentally, this didn’t attract money, but it attracted lots of mosquitoes.
  • Seven 6-foot metal segments from railroad tracks placed in various places, under the master bed, under the kitchen sink, in the storage shed, etc. The consultant had told the client this was to compensate for a lack of metal in the home.
  • Mirrored disco balls hanging from low beams in basements. The consultant apparently was oblivious to the Feng Shui rule of never having fragmented mirrors.
  • One consultant had told a client that her bedroom had “surgery energy” but didn’t tell her where it was coming from, or how to correct it.

Do you believe a horse trough is a desired addition to a home? How about railroad tracks under the bed? As you can see, some of the advice on Feng Shui for the home out there is absurd, and it won’t help you turn your home into a dream home.

Do you want to have a home you love and wows your visitors? Or do you want to end up with a home so odd looking that your visitors wonder what’s wrong with you?

Finding a Source of Good Advice on Feng Shui for the Home

feng shui for the home
Feng Shui for the Home should be beautiful

It is essential to work with a reliable source of true Feng Shui knowledge.

A true Feng Shui consultant will not ask you to do bizarre things to your home. A true Feng Shui consultant will help you create a harmonious home environment.

The result of working with a good consultant should be to transform your home into a dream home – a home you love and are proud to show.

Now you are here, and you have found the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. This system is a step-by-step method to apply Feng Shui for homes that never fails. It was designed by combining knowledge from the most ancient school of Feng Shui and modern Western architecture.

Turn Your Current Home into a Dream Home

Your first action to start turning your home into a dream home is to learn about the three specific types of Feng Shui problems that are found in a home and their relative importance to each other.

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