Not all Feng Shui problems are the same

I got my first book on Feng Shui as a door prize, over 20 years ago. 
My husband and I were a few minutes late to a lecture on natural healing. We sat at the back. A woman tapped my shoulder and handed me a book.

I told her, “Oh, no, this is not my book. This is a mistake.”
She whispered, “Yes, it is your book. We drew a name out of a hat and it was your husband’s name. Since he wasn’t here, we drew another name and it was your name. We figured Spirit must really want you to have it, so we kept it for you.”

The name of the book was “101 Tips for the Feng Shui of Gardens,” or something like that. When I was done reading it, I went looking for more books from the same author and got “101 Tips for the Feng Shui of Homes” and “101 Tips for the Feng Shui of Businesses.”

I had learned 303 Feng Shui tips, and had no idea what to do with them. 
Did all Feng Shui problems have the same importance? Should some Feng Shui “cures” be done before others? 

Three types of Feng Shui problems

After much study and research, I was able to see that some Feng Shui problems were originated by the architecture of a home – the way the place was built. Other problems were issues with the interior design, and yet a third category of problems had to do with furniture and accessories. 

After years of study, research and experimentation, I was able to confirm that when applying Feng Shui to a home, one should follow a particular order for correcting problems:

  • First the architecture
  • Second the interior design
  • Third furniture and accessories

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