Have You Made Big Mistakes at Home?

Some Feng Shui problems happen because of mistakes you and others have made in the interior design of your home.

Some choices from the past become mistakes in the present

Sometimes these mistakes seemed like a great idea in another era, but now they’re no longer in fashion.

For example, when I was a child wood panels and terracotta shag carpet were all the rage. Today, they are dated features that make a home look old and unfashionable.

Where most mistakes happen

Most mistakes happen around colors for walls, curtains and rugs, but also the choices of artwork, mirrors, and how family photos are displayed.

These mistakes can be costly, but many can be corrected with simple Feng Shui Cures.


Colors can be corrected with simple additions to a room – which do not require repainting the room or refinishing the walls or floors. It’s all about using the five elements to create harmonious spaces.


Family photos displayed incorrectly can exacerbate tensions. Placed correctly, they can help you have better relationships with family members, and create good boundaries with in-laws and exes.


The wrong type of artwork can make your home work against you instead of working for you.


Mirrors in wrong places can ruin the enjoyment of your home, but in the right places, they can truly become magical, making spaces feel more alive and reproducing the beauty in your home.

How to solve interior design problems

Problems with interior design are addressed in steps 4, 5, and 6 of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

How about you?

What Feng Shui problems can you see in your home that are due to mistakes in the interior design?

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