If you do Feng Shui, your home should look good – not strange!

If you Feng Shui your home it should look good!

I have met too many people who had tried to apply Feng Shui on their own and their home ended up looking really strange. People would go in and cringe or wonder “what in the world?”

Something that promises to bring harmony and good energy into your home should also look good! Spaces that look strange generate bad or confused energy.

Feng Shui Struggles

When I first started with Feng Shui I also struggled with this. I would try to apply Feng Shui cures, but they ended up looking out of place.

Places in East Asia where Feng Shui had been applied looked beautiful. Why did places in the West look weird? Something was being lost in translation.

japanese tea house feng shui

As time went on, I realized that many people were trying to apply Feng Shui cures or fixes that didn’t blend with the rest of their home. As they stood out, they created a strange effect.

One client told me that she decided to call me for a consultation because after she tried to do it on her own, her place ended up looking like a Chinese restaurant. (Only Chinese restaurants should look like Chinese restaurants.)

Architects Learn How to Create Beauty

When I graduated as an architect, I knew how to design beautiful places, but I didn’t know how to design places that felt good.

As I became interested in Feng Shui, I saw that many consultants knew how to create good energy but had no clue on how to make a place look good. (There were also consultants who couldn’t do either, but that’s a topic for another time.)

I really believed in Feng Shui, but I needed to find a way to make Feng Shui look good.

Blending East and West

I decided to put the both together, Form School Feng Shui (the oldest type of Feng Shui, associated with ancient Chinese medicine) and Modern Architecture and now I can truly say I help my clients turn their homes into their dream homes.

Part of this process is helping them develop their own taste, so that the final result is a home they love and are proud to show. (I have also met too many people who hired designers and ended up with places they couldn’t relate to!)

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Gives You Solutions

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System gives you solutions to all three types of Feng Shui problems, those caused by the architecture, the interior design and choices of furniture and accessories.

It’s a step by step method that never fails.

It’s Also the Most Affordable!

I charge for one whole month of service what other consultants charge for just two hours of consultation. I can do this thanks to state of the art technology that allows me to serve more clients at the same time.

You’ll Only Find it Here

No one else can deliver the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System but me and the consultants I have trained and licensed.

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