Visualizations and Affirmations Alone Do Not Create Reality

A question I get asked over and over again is if Feng Shui is just like the Law of Attraction. If it is all about visualizing, having clear ideas supported by high vibrations and the right emotions.

Over the years studying ancient Chinese philosophy I have concluded it’s better not to try to make equivalences to things from our Western culture. However, let me explain how manifesting works with Feng Shui.

There’s nothing in Feng Shui that suggests you have to control every single thought or that points to requiring an elevated emotion to manifest something. Manifestation happens through action in the physical plane.

Three Levels of Reality

In Feng Shui we consider three levels of reality: Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Heaven is associated to Thoughts, Earth to Action in the physical world, and Humankind to Emotions.

The Function of Human Beings

Human Beings are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies.

The function of human beings is to get inspiration from Heaven, get motivated through emotions, and then take action to bring Heaven to Earth by creating reality in the physical plane.

Heaven is the “place” or “realm” from where your spirit (the spiritual being that you are) came and the full version of you is still there — your High Self.

Manifesting Reality

This is how it works:

You get inspirations from Heaven. Those inspirations beget ideas. Emotions connect your ideas to motivations. Motivations turn into decisions, and finally decisions lead to action.

Of course it all starts with your personal connection with Heaven. If you’re disconnected from Heaven you won’t get the right inspiration or ideas.

If your home doesn’t feel safe to you, you won’t feel the right emotions that will lead to motivation.

All that is true. Thoughts, visualization, affirmations – they all help, but they don’t transform reality.

Only Actions Transform Reality

The role of thoughts is to create a vision, an idea of what you want to make happen.

The role of emotions is to motivate you.

Emotions drive decisions, action follows.

However thoughts and emotions don’t manifest reality in the physical plane. Only action does.

Therefore it is important to cultivate the mind and emotions so we take the right actions, with minimal effort and expense of energy, to create the results we wish to get.

The Magic of Feng Shui

The magic happens when you have a vision and make a decision, and then take a very small action.

If that action is the right action, and it is taken at the right time, it’s enough to produce a chain reaction that results in the attainment of your goals with very little effort.

That small action can be as simple as placing a Feng Shui enhancement on a wall, and that sets things in motion. This is what starts the domino effect that makes life easier and happier.

The amazing results you can get with tiny actions, if the ideas and decisions are correct and in alignment with your life missions, create the impression that you could manifest reality just with thoughts or emotions.

However, only actions create reality.

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