Adding Reminders of Wealth and Happiness to Your Home

I don’t have a use for umbrellas. I like getting caught in the rain. The rain does wonders for my curly hair.

However, I just bought a beautiful umbrella holder to keep umbrellas I personally will never use.

I did this because I have really good memories around umbrellas.

When I was in high school I had a friend who lived a few blocks away from me.

Hers was a traditional functional family.

Mine wasn’t.

How things worked in my friend’s home

The mother did everything that was expected of her, and then some.

The father did everything that was expected of him, and then some.

They were wealthy. They were friendly.

Their five kids knew that they could invite friends over any time and they would always be welcome.

Their house was always full of happy people.

Umbrellas as an act of kindness

One thing I remember in particular about their home was their foyer.

They kept a fancy umbrella holder in a corner, even though they went everywhere by car, and their cars were kept in a covered garage.

The umbrellas in their foyer were meant to make sure that their guests never got wet when arriving or when leaving.

When you got to their gate and rung their bell someone would come running holding an umbrella for you, if it was raining.

When it was time to leave, someone would walk you to the curb holding an umbrella.

Generous umbrellas

Their umbrellas were all oversized to make sure no one got wet. They were all good quality because this couple believed in buying only good things.

My husband, who believes in umbrellas because he doesn’t like to get wet, had bought a very expensive, large umbrella some time ago. It’s an umbrella that is unbreakable. He found it in a martial arts website (of course) that talked about how English gentlemen used umbrellas back in the day to defend themselves.

So now this umbrella sits in the beautiful holder I bought from an artist on Etsy. It’s there in our foyer waiting for the time when COVID-19 passes and we can have visitors again often. When they come, if it is raining, we’ll make sure they don’t get wet (unless they want to).

How about you?

What fond memories do you have that you experiencing when visiting the homes of happy, wealthy families?

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  1. Love love love this article! I can totally resonate, I remember being young and visiting the homes of my friends and having similar experiences, often I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was about their homes that felt so lovely- looking back I think it was the beneficial Chi that I was appreciating. A memory from one of my friends’ homes was that her mum always had fresh bread and delicious food in the kitchen, that really created a sense of abundance. It’s interesting how the feeling stays with you, I feel I’ve internalised it and can revisit it within myself, I’ve always thought I want to create a home like that for others to experience when they visit

    • I’m glad you resonated with the article. I love the memories you shared. The beauty of Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is that you can recreate those feelings in any home.

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