The Feng Shui Quartet for Health

Herbs in the kitchen symbolize health

In Feng Shui there are nine life areas (or life aspirations) that are mapped on the floor plan of a home. One of those life areas is called Health, Family and Community, and it is symbolically associated with herbs.

This area is ruled by the wood element, which is a representation of the vegetable world.

Food is Health

Most of our food comes from the vegetable world, and it is universally accepted that a diet made primarily of vegetables is best.

The vegetable world – the wood element – also provides us with many healing plants. Among those, most notable are healing herbs.

Of special importance in Feng Shui are herbs that are not just healing, but which also have wonderful taste and aromas, and which can be used as seasonings in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Window as an Herb Garden

Whenever possible, keep live fresh herbs in your kitchen window. If your kitchen window faces South in the northern hemisphere (or North in the Southern Hemisphere) you can keep growing them even through the winter.

Great herbs to grown on the kitchen window are sage, basil, cilantro, parsley, and thyme. Other herbs, such as oregano and rosemary, only seem to do well outside.

So if you have a sunny kitchen window and a green thumb, go for it, grow herbs in your kitchen.

The Herb Tile Feng Shui Quartet

If you don’t have a green thumb or if your kitchen window doesn’t get a lot of sunshine (or maybe your kitchen doesn’t have a window!) then check out the herb tiles I have created for you.

I live in the United States and my kitchen window faces North. Much as I have tried, herbs don’t do well on that window.

That’s why I created the Herb Tile Feng Shui Quartet. These are photos with digital painting on top.





You can place these tiles anywhere in your kitchen, but also in your dining area if it is right next to the kitchen.

Enhancing Health

Place these three to enhance the Health, Family and Community Life Area:

Enhancing Wealth

Add the Lavender tile if you want to emphasize both health and wealth.

Three for health, four for wealth

The Kitchen Wealth Trio

If the health of your family members is robust and you only want to enhance wealth in your kitchen, check out the Kitchen Wealth Trio.

Can you use both the Herb Health Quartet and the Kitchen Wealth Trio?

Of course you can.

Just make sure each set is on a different wall of your kitchen or adjacent dining area.

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