Choosing a Feng Shui Lamp

Choosing a lamp that has good Feng Shui requires that you take into consideration the light output for the purpose of the lamp, the right size ratio, and the right design.

Watch the video below to see general guidelines to help you choose Feng Shui Correct Lamps. If you want to learn more about the three types and heights of lamps you need to create a dream living room check out the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab here.

Feng Shui Lamps – Balance and Proportions

If a lamp is unstable or fragile, don’t place where it could easily be knocked down.

The taller a lamp is and the narrower the base is, the easier it is to knock down. The shorter a lamp is and the wider the base, the more balanced and stable it becomes. A lamp that is tall and has a narrow base shouldn’t be placed close to paths. It’s easy to knock down an unstable lamp. A lamp with good Feng Shui is a lamp that doesn’t create trouble!

Feng Shui Lamps – Light Output and Function

feng shui lamp
Make sure your lamps give you enough light for the activities you want to promote in a living or family room.

When choosing a Feng Shui lamp for a spot in your living or family room, consider what you need the light for. What kinds of activities do you want to do near that lamp? That will influence the type of lamp you need to get and what kind of light bulb to get.

Feng Shui Lamps – Style

Classic or traditional lamps are easier to integrate into any decor style.

If you living space is more like a formal living room then stick to the classic, traditional styles of lamps. If your space is more of a cozy family room, then you can choose a more relaxed or unique style.

Don’t Make Choices You’ll Regret

For a living space, avoid lamps where the base of the lamp resembles an animal, a person, or a fruit.

Being unique is great, but choosing a lamp that is too unique, weird or strange can ruin the perception of your living spaces. No matter how much you love a really “different” lamp in the beginning, you’re likely to get tired of it. Strange lamps may work for other areas in the home. They usually don’t look good in living rooms or family rooms.

In the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab we’re studying lamps in much more depth. Make sure that your living or family rooms have all the light fixtures and lamps needed for versatility and happy family times. Explore this group Feng Shui consultation here.

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