Your chairs show how you treat yourself

Several years ago my family was leaving the home of a couple of our friends, who are very wealthy.

Once we were on the road, our younger son, Zaffar, asked a very pointed question about our hosts’ dining area.

This question elicited three reactions in me:

  1. Pride that I have taught the boys manners well enough that they know what is OK to ask people who have invited you over to dinner, and what is better discussed in private afterwards.
  2. Delight at how my child was able to pick up on an important aspect of Feng Shui.
  3. Reassurance that I made the right choice when we bought our own dining room table and chairs.

Watch the video below to learn what was the question he asked us and how it relates to your life, and your choices in the dining area.

This is the link to explore the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab:

Your choice of chairs shows how you treat yourself

I have visited many homes where folks chose pieces of furniture that were uncomfortable. Some had never entertained the notion that a dining chair could actually be comfortable. They thought hard, uncomfortable chairs were something you needed to put up with in life.

I always noticed parallels between the chairs they had chosen and the things they “put up with” in their lives.

Take a look at your dining chairs and answer these questions:

  • Do you love them?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Are they practical?

What are your dining chairs saying about the way you treat yourself?

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