The New Kitchen Color Trends

all white and light gray kitchens are on their way out

The all-white or light gray kitchen color schemes are on their way out.

So what are the new kitchen color trends?

Watch the video to learn:

  1. What are the new kitchen color trends for 2021.
  2. Which color combinations kill your kitchen’s ability to help you grow your wealth.
  3. What bagua map locations are good for kitchens and which are not.

The Duo-Tone Kitchen

Colors in Feng Shui are tricky. First you have to consider the element that rules the function of the room. This means what actually happens or needs to happen in the room. In the case of kitchens it’s the wood element. However, the colors of the wood element are not the colors of the plank of wood or of wooden furniture. Then you have to consider the element for the life area that the kitchen is located in according to the bagua map. You have to make sure colors don’t clash visually or energetically.

Consider the photo below. When I first saw it, it gave me the impression that someone had started to remodel their kitchen and stopped mid-way. The white cabinets on top bring in the metal element. The medium blue cabinets below bring in the wood element. Metal cuts wood. This is an energetic clash. For my taste, it’s also a visual clash.

duo tone kitchens, are they feng shui correct?

If You Were In, You Would Know

If you had joined the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab you would already know:

  • What are the best color schemes for kitchens depending on where they are located in the bagua map.
  • What are the best color combinations for your kitchen based on its location in the bagua map, your personal preferences and the current trends.

You would know these things because I would have taught you, and I would have told you – yes, you personally, during our weekly group critique meetings in this program.

D.I.G. – Do It with Guidance

The Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab is an experiential learning and doing it program where you become familiar with the basics of Feng Shui space arrangement, room by room, and apply what you learn to your own home. Instead of trying to figure out Feng Shui on your own, you D.I.G. – you Do It with Guidance for a low monthly fee, in a fun online group environment.

If you would like to learn more about the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab, go here.

What’s next?

SaveClick on the image below to watch a free webinar on the Five Most Common Color Mistakes people make when trying to apply Feng Shui Colors. Below it you will find a course to end all your Feng Shui color confusion so you can become an expert in choosing Feng Shui colors. GO HERE

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