The worst mistake people make when remodeling a kitchen

Your kitchen is like a factory and the product it provides are meals for your family.

A kitchen should be efficient and planned for the way you and your family like to produce your meals.

If you embark in a kitchen remodel without paying attention to functionality, you may end up with a glorious waste of money, no matter how pretty it turns out.

Before remodeling a kitchen, you gotta think about things like this:

  • How do you move plates from the sink to the dish washer?
  • How do you move plates from the dish washer to the places where they are stored?
  • How do you fetch those plates to move them to the counter or table were you eat? By the way, I hope you eat properly seated at a table and not on a counter.

And that’s just dishes. Now think about pots, cutting boards, electrical appliances, knives…

The worst mistake people make when redoing a kitchen

In this new video I talk about the number one and the greatest mistake that I see people make when they remodel their kitchen, because they didn’t do their due diligence.

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