Relationships are About Balance

A long and narrow hallway lacks balance.

Step 1 in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is to complete the floor plan.

Step 2 in this system is to Balance Extremes.

In your home there can be excesses and deficiencies.

You have an excess when there is too much of something.

You have a deficiency when there’s too little of something.

The most common example of imbalances in a home is the long and narrow hallway.

A long and narrow hallway has both an excess (too long) and a deficiency (too narrow). These issues are addressed separately.

A Hallway that Is Too Long 

First let’s talk about a hallway that is too long. The worst thing you can do here is to add a mirror at the end. If you do, you will make your hallway twice as long.

Instead, use a bright image with large figures. Bright, large figure images create the impression that the hallway is not so long when placed on the wall or door at the end of the hallway.

A “cured” long hallway.

Below is one of my favorite large figure images. You can get this one and many more here.

This is my favorite image to shorten hallways. I designed it specifically for this purpose and it is the image that I most often recommend to clients. See it here:

A bright image with large figures can save a hallway from dreariness, adding excitement and light. See below more images that can be used for this purpose, or click here.

Unless you are working with me or another Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant, get one of the images below for the wall at the end of your hallway. (If you try to choose an image on your own you may end up messing up another aspect of Feng Shui.) Click on any image below to go to the store:

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