Staircases with No Landing are a Feng Shui Problem – here’s how to fix them

Staircases that have one flight of stairs, with no landing, are a problem that belongs in STEP 2 of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System:

Balance Extremes

This is how a staircase with no landing can affect you and your family:

  1. When you’re downstairs looking up a staircase with no landing you immediately get the thought “this is hard work.”
  2. Over time, this feeling accumulates and at the back of your mind you start thinking that all of life is hard work. Nothing seems easy. Everything seems to be harder than it actually is.
  3. Then you start to procrastinate or to decide to not do things, because they will be too much work.

Clients who live in homes with staircases that have no landing report feeling fatigued often, or being afraid to start new things.

The Feng Shui Fix for a Staircase with No Landing

To correct the perception of a staircase with no landing being a hard climb, do this:

Place an image with large, bright figures on the wall at the top of the stairs. This image will uplift the energy and it will make it seem like the top is closer than what it is, and hence easier to climb up to. See for yourself:

I painted the image I used above for the demonstration with precisely this type of fix in mind.

This is my favorite image to place on the wall at the top of a staircase and the one I recommend most often to my clients. I painted it myself with this purpose. See it here:

See other images I created and curated to use for this purpose here:

Unless you are working with me or another Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant, get one of the images below for the wall at the top of your staircase. (If you try to choose an image on your own you may end up messing up another aspect of Feng Shui.)

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