Sometimes the Universe Upgrades You and Your Home

If you give the Universe a sign that you want to go in a certain direction, and use Feng Shui to your advantage, sometimes the Universe decides to upgrade you, and while it may not be fun, it is for your highest good.

Sometimes the universe upgrades you – through your home.

When we moved into this home, the kitchen was not my dream kitchen. For many people it would have been an OK kitchen, but not for me. It didn’t fit my cooking style, as I prepare most meals from scratch.

Lately, as my two boys became teenagers, the demands on the kitchen grew exponentially. I can’t even describe to you how much food they consume. I think that’s something that only people who have had to feed teenage boys would understand. My friends who have girls tell me that’s not the case with them.

In the past months, my kitchen had been feeling less ideal to me, but I didn’t want to embark in a remodel. It wasn’t so much the cost, though it was a consideration, but all the unknowns that come with such a big decision. Who to hire, what to get – all the small decisions that come with such a project.

The Universe Intervenes

Then the dishwasher leaked. A small plastic valve at the bottom of it broke, and the leak started in the middle of the night and went undetected for hours. By the time we were able to stop the water there was irreversible damage to the floors and cabinets. As these things had to be replaced, we also took the opportunity to change other things. And now I have a dream kitchen, that is suited to my needs.

However, I had to be forced to update my kitchen by circumstances. This is something I really needed to do, but I had been unwilling to acknowledge the need. Has anything like that ever happened to you?

Watch the video to hear the whole story, and other similar stories. After you have watched, comment below to share similar stories you have experienced.

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