Using Still Lifes to Activate Wealth in the Dining Room

A still life is a painting or photograph that has a collection of inanimate objects put together to create a harmonious whole. Still lifes are used in Feng Shui to activate wealth in dining rooms and dining areas.

My favorite still life. I reminds me of picnics in the back yard.

What are the components of a still life?

Common items included in still lifes are:

  • flower arrangements
  • potted plants
  • bowls of fruit
  • dishware (cups and saucers, glasses, etc.)

Unfortunately, still lifes can also include skulls, dying flowers and broken items.

Feng-Shui-Correct Still Lifes

For use in Feng Shui, a still life should be all positive and beautiful. There should be no reminders of death or problems of any kind.

I have curated a collection of still lifes and other images that are perfect to activate wealth (and also health) in dining areas in my store “Feng Shui Your Home with Products.”

The still lifes you’ll find here are reproductions of original oil-on-canvas art that I painted, with Feng Shui in mind.

Beware of Water in Still Lifes

Just one caveat, if your dining room or dining area is toward the back of the home, don’t choose images with water in them. Water at the back of the home indicates “money in the past” which can hinder your ability to visualize money in the present or in the future.

If your dining room is in the middle or the front of the home, you can have some water in your still life. However, water should not dominate the painting and it should not be turbulent or scary in any way.

Nature and garden images are also great for dining areas, but those are better to activate health and family. Still lifes, if done right, activate wealth.

Go see the still lifes I have created to activate wealth in dinning rooms here.

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