Is your home as clean as your mother’s?

I’ve come to accept that my house will never be as clean as my mother’s home.

To give you an example, when a week goes by and we have swept the kitchen and dining floors at least once every day, we feel we have done great.

Compare that to my mother’s home, where the floors were swept five times per day. And one of those times the chairs were lifted and placed upside down on the table, like they do in restaurants.

We deep-clean our bathrooms once per week (and touch up during the week) but compare that to my mom’s house, where the bathrooms were mopped and scrubbed every single day.

For my home to be as impeccable as my mother’s home was, I would have to give up every other aspect of my life.

Do You Have Help?

My mother had help. Germania, who was her maid and our nanny, was there to serve us breakfast before we left to go to school, and she only left after we’d had dinner. For 12 hours every day she cleaned our home.

I can’t compete with that. How about you? Would you want to give up 12 hours of your day just to keep your house clean?

I’m certainly not willing to do that.

You Can Still Have a Clean Home

While my home may not be as spotless as my mom’s home was, it’s still pretty clean.

We’re never embarrassed to have people over. Sure, sometimes things get messy, but given a few minutes notice, our home can be ready for company without stressing. And if someone comes over unannounced, we never turn them away because of the state the home is in.

There are two secrets that can help you to keep your home clean and organized without hiring a maid, or becoming your family’s maid (which is fine if all you want to do with your life is clean, but not if you want to have a life!)

Watch the video to figure out how you too can manage to have a clean home without giving up the rest of your life.

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