Clocks Should Show the Right Time

People who are lucky have made it a habit of being in the right place, at the right time.

So you can be in the right place, your floors should be free of clutter (so they don’t obstruct your pace).

To be somewhere at the right time, you have to know what time it is!

Clocks that Are Ahead Don’t Work

Many people move their clocks or watches ahead because they believe this is going to help them be on time.

However, when they look at the clock or the watch on their wrist, they make the mental calculation of what time it really is.

Say you have set your alarm for 7:30 in the morning. The alarm goes off and the clock is telling you it’s 7:30 AM. You know it’s only 7:25 AM because you set the clock ahead so you would have “an extra five minutes.”

From that moment on, in everything you do to get ready to leave the home and get to work, you’re taking in consideration that it isn’t really that time, it’s 5 minutes earlier.

It’s a Matter of Trust

There’s an old Chinese saying that goes like this: All things in your home are talking to you, make sure they have nice things to say.

If you have a clock that is showing the wrong time, that clock is lying to you.

What’s more, the ruse doesn’t work because you are all too aware of it at all times. There’s never a moment that you look at that clock and tell yourself that what you see is the right time. You know that clock is lying to you.

If the things on your walls are lying to you, how can you trust your home to support you through life? How can you trust life if you can’t even trust your own home?

I have found that people who try to use this trick of setting the time, 5, 10 or 15 minutes ahead, are always rushing and have a hard time getting places on time.

But It’s an Heirloom!

So you inherited a grandfather clock from your mom. It’s an heirloom. At some point it stopped working and you couldn’t find anyone who could repair it, or you didn’t want to spend the money to have it fixed.

Or maybe when it’s working the ticking is annoying and the bell is too loud, so you made it stop.

Now you have a grandfather clock you can’t trust. Every time you glance at it you have to remind yourself “that’s not the right time.” After all, it’s only right twice a day, at the AM and PM of wherever it stopped.

That clock is draining you.

If you can’t or won’t have it run properly, sell it, donate it, or cover up its face with a beautiful fabric.

Have Your Home Tell the Truth – Or Better!

All the things you put on your walls should tell you the truth. For example:

  • Clocks should tell the right time.
  • Photos should show who the members of your family are.
  • Calendars should show the right date.

When your walls tell you the truth, then you can trust your home, and yourself.

What’s even better than “telling it as it is?”

Even better than have your home reflect who you are right now, it’s to have your home tell the story of who you want to be. That’s where Feng Shui comes in!

In Our Home

In the Castaneda home, we only have one wall clock, in the family room. Because our family room is toward the back center of the home, the fame area, we chose this clock from my Cafepress store. It has turned out to be remarkably accurate. We only touch it to change batteries and to change the time in the Spring and Fall. You can see it here.

This image was created with Bill Austin’s vibrational medicine art, my design and illustration, a silhouette of a sun flower, and an actual photo of the sun. See it here.

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