At the Dawn of Creation There Was Only the Tao – the Feng Shui Focus – Episode 2

The Tao – The Power Behind Creation

According to ancient Chinese philosophy the Tao is the power than generated everything that is.

Ancient Chinese philosophy is the school of thought that supports ancient Chinese medicine and Feng Shui.

We know that all of creation comes from one source because we see the same patterns repeated in the smallest things and the largest things.

As soon as the Universe was created, Heaven needed to be separated from Earth to make room for the Humankind level of existence – the reality that we know.

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At the Dawn of Creation There Was Only the Tao

This video is part of the series The Feng Shui Focus – How You Fit, Function and Flourish in Your Space

According to ancient Chinese philosophy – which is the philosophy that is the background for Feng Shui – in the Beginning, there was only the Tao.

The Tao is a force that is unknowable, but is the source of all creation.

If you want to compare the Tao to our Western concepts, you could think of it as the power of Creation or the power with which God created the world.

It is said the Tao is unknowable. The one thing we can know about the Tao is the Tao is intelligent.

So from Tao comes Creation.

We know that Creation comes from one source because we can see the same patterns repeated in the big and in the small.

We see the same patterns in a design of a galaxy as we see in the crown of a baby’s head.

Creation was started, and when that happened, had to be separated into Heaven and Earth.

You had to have Heaven and Earth for there to be a Humankind – for us to come into existence.

Your Homework for Video 2

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Had you noticed before how patterns repeat in the big and in the small?

What do you think is the most wonderful thing about creation?

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  1. Simple, effective, meaningful message.thank you.

  2. Vincent G Thomas

    Sometimes we say deja vu, or history repeats itself; because we sense something repeating itself– response, an occurrence or even a scene we say somewhere else.
    The wonderful thing about creation is re-birth of humankind and all other creatures including birds and butterflies, flowers and vegetation, sunrises and sunsets.

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