Modern Art, Feng Shui, and You – What’s Right, and What’s Not

When I was a child, one of my aunts married a man who loved modern art. In the beginning, he didn’t know much about it, so he befriended gallery owners and asked them to introduce him to up and coming painters.

He filled his home with art which I’m sure made him appear sophisticated to his peers. Some of those were probably good investments and may be worth a lot of money today.

However, as a child, I was afraid to be left alone in any room of that home. Even walking down the hallway from the living room to the bathroom was a tricky experience.

A Home Should Tell You Nice Things

There’s an old Feng Shui saying that goes like this “All things in your home are talking to you. Make sure they have nice things to say.”

My aunt’s walls weren’t saying nice things to me – or to anybody else. There were distorted bodies, contorted faces, fragmented realities. An educated eye that understands art would see the artistic value in the pieces, but no one’s inner child would feel at peace with them.

Only Lovely Art

The walls in your home should only have art that is lovely, feels safe, and is life affirming.

Use only beautiful art for you home. The kind of art that uplifts you when you see it. It should depict amazing nature scenes, flower or vegetable gardens – the things you should see when you look out a window and are privileged enough to live in a beautiful place.

Feng Shui correct art can also showcase unique man-made objects, which by themselves would be works of art.

What About Abstract Art?

Abstract art is OK if it has nice colors, mostly gentle strokes, and in general it makes you feel happy and safe.

Abstract art is not OK if it’s scary, contains violent strokes or has stains that look like something exploded near it or someone bled on it.

Should You Get Rid of Art that Is not Feng Shui Correct?

No, you can keep art that is not Feng Shui correct, but it needs to be arranged on one wall or one room that has been designated as your “art gallery” in the home.

There’s also a metaphysical or symbolic cure you can use to energetically correct art that is scary or disturbing.

I share this cure in the extended version of this article, which you can find in the Room by Room Membership Site.

The extended article also includes a list of well known artists whose paintings are Feng Shui approved.

Art That I Have Created

All the art I have placed on my store Feng Shui Your Home with Products is, obviously, Feng Shui correct. Check it out here.

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