4 Things You Can Do if You Have the Back of the Bed or a Headboard Against a Window for Good Feng Shui

4 Things You Can Do if You Have the Back of the Bed or a Headboard Against a Window for Good Feng Shui

Having the back of a bed against a window is bad for your health and bad for your Feng Shui. It’s even worse if you don’t have a solid headboard. But if there’s no other way for you to place your bed, there are solutions for that.

A Symbol of Wealth that Is a Mistake

In magazines, movies and TV shows you see beautiful homes where the very wealthy have their headboards against a window.

That’s if they even have a headboard. Many times, there’s just a platform bed with no headboard, and they don’t even have window treatments. At night, you see the city lights against a dark background.

This layout is often used in bedrooms of men or couples who break the rules and live life in their own terms. Examples of these are Bobby Axelrod‘s bedroom in his New York penthouse in the series Billions and Harvey Specter’s suite in the series Suits.

However, you also see beds/headboards against windows in dream bedrooms of young women or newly married couples. The only difference is that, in these cases, they have elaborate curtains behind a metal headboard, and the curtains are open. Sometimes even the windows are open.

If You Can Avoid It, Don’t Put a Headboard Against a Window

I didn’t learn not to put a bed against a window when I discovered Feng Shui.

I learned it in the school of architecture.

The way my teachers explained this to me was that the glass on windows gets colder than the walls around the windows. This difference in temperature creates mini-drafts – even when the window is completely sealed.

Drafts behind your head can affect your respiratory system.

If at all possible, move the bed to a solid wall, while making sure the bed is not in the path of the door.

4 Things You Can Do if You Have the Back of the Bed or a Headboard Against a Window for Good Feng Shui

If the only possible way you can fit a bed in your bedroom is to put the back of the bed against a window:

  1. Make sure you have a solid wooden headboard. If your solid wooden headboard is taller than usual, even better. That will help you feel protected both physically and symbolically.
  2. Seal your window so that there are no actual drafts coming in through the closed window. Mini-drafts are bad enough!
  3. Have a double set of window treatments. This could be cellular blinds and light blocking curtains, or rolling blinds and light blocking curtains.
  4. Add a large padded cushion or pillow to the headboard to provide another layer of buffer between your head and the window.

Symbolic Feng Shui Cures for the Back of the Bed or Headboard Against a Window

There’s one more thing you can do if you have the back of a bed or a headboard against a window. It’s a symbolic Feng Shui cure. You can do this in addition to the four things mentioned above. Symbolic cures ask for the intervention of Heaven when things can’t be completely solved in the physical plane. They add energetic support to your home.

I explain these things in the extended version of this article, which you can find in the Room by Room Membership Site here, if you have already joined. You need to be signed in with your email address and password. In this article, I also share the two bed positions that are even worse than having a headboard against a window.

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  1. Excellent article! I often see bedrooms where there is no place to put the bed except against the window.

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