Your Three Energy Centers – The Feng Shui Focus – Episode 4

The Human Energy Centers Connect Heaven and Earth

Human beings connect Heaven to Earth through the energy system in their bodies.

People have three main energy centers in their bodies, called the Three Dantians.

These energy centers are located respectively in the head, the heart and the guts.

  • The head is the connection to the Heaven Level of Reality – IDEAS
  • The heart represents emotions, the Humankind Level of Reality – EMOTIONS
  • The guts are the connection to the Earth Level of Reality – ACTIONS

Science has discovered that we not only have neurons (brain cells) in the brain(head), but also in the heart and in the gut.

When we make decisions, we need to consider all three levels of existence:

???? What does your mind tell you?

???? How do you feel about it?

???? What is your gut instinct?

The Three Dantian – Head, Heart and Gut

Watch this 1-minute video about the three main energy centers in the body, then scroll down to see how this applies in your home. Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to see your homework.


The three levels of reality are Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, and that translates into Ideas, Emotions, and Action – Ideas for Heaven, Emotions for Humankind, and Action for the Earth level.

The head, the heart, and the gut, which is where we have neurons. We don’t just have neurons in our brains, we also have neurons in our hearts and our gut. These I’ll call the three Dantian.

The three Dantians are the three main energy centers in the body: the head, the heart, and the gut. The head is associated to thoughts, imaginations, ideas.

The gut corresponds to actions in the physical universe. The heart is associated to our emotions, and our emotions are what connects Heaven to Earth.

Ideas are transformed through Emotions into physical realities by taking Action in the physical world.

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The Three Dantian in Your Home

In the Nine Steps to Feng Shui®, we also use these concepts. The Three Dantien are expressed in the types of Feng Shui issues we resolve.

???? Furniture arrangement issues are related to the Upper Dantian (head/ideas)

???? Interior design problems have to do with the Middle Dantian (heart/emotions)

???? Architectural factors (how the home was built) are connected to the Lower Dantian (gut/actions)

Your Homework for Episode 4

Answer these questions:

  1. Did you know that there are neurons in the brain, but also in the heart and gut?
  2. Do you consider all levels of reality when making decisions?
  3. Will this knowledge help you pay more attention to your heart before making decisions or taking actions?

Those who answer will get an invitation to join my Feng Shui Rockstars list, to participate in special meetings to chat about Feng Shui, get free I-Ching readings, and be offered amazing deals in products, services and courses.

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