You Can Trust Life Because There’s a Beautiful Order – The Feng Shui Focus – Episode 6

There’s an order in nature. There’s an order in the Universe. Order means that we can trust life and we can learn to navigate it to become happier, healthier, and luckier.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is based on this beautiful order of nature.

9 Principles of Natural Law

These are the 9 principles of natural law:

  1. Tao (the 1 source of all creation)
  2. Yin and Yang (the principle of 2 opposites and magnetism)
  3. Chi (the life force)
  4. Rhythm (universal cycles created by movement)
  5. 5 Elements (specialized types of movements that create essences)
  6. 6 True Words (sound vibrations that transform vices into virtues)
  7. 7 Chakras (organization via energy centers)
  8. 8 Trigrams (organized powers of nature)
  9. 9 The Magic Square (the power of math, shape and location)

Watch the video below and then scroll down to see how these principles apply to your home.


The Nine Principles of Natural Law.

The Tao is the power that created the universe.

Yin and Yang are the opposite forces that are constantly attracted to each other.

This is where magnetism arises, and magnetism produces movement.

Out of movement comes Chi, which is the life force, and then we have rhythm.

Rhythm means that there’s a cyclical movement, a pattern that repeats.

The Five Elements are guidelines that help us classify all things in Creation by the way they behave.

The Six True Words remind us how everything in Creation has its own vibration.

The Chakras are the energy centers in the human body, which are the pathway through which humans connect Heaven to Earth.

The Eight Trigrams are representations of the forces of nature on Earth.

The Magic Square is the mathematical construction that teaches us about the power of positions.

This video is part of the series The Feng Shui Focus – How You Fit, Function and Flourish in Your Space

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  • what’s your function,
  • what you are meant to do,
  • how to follow your path,

And how you can do it through Feng Shui, while you Turn Your Home into a Dream Home.

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How These Principles Bring Order and Beauty to Your Home

Each of the above mentioned is associated with specific things you do in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System to create wholeness, beauty, harmony and balance.

When I first created this system for learning and applying Feng Shui, I was just seeking for a way to organize vast Feng Shui knowledge in a way that would be easily remembered.

Later on I realized there was a rhyme and reason to the numbers and that if these things were done in order, results were better, both for the home and the people who lived in that home.

The Tao has to do with having a feeling of wholeness in your home. Yin and Yang are about bringing in balance. Chi has to do with flow and circulation – the relationship between your doors, hallways and staircases.

Rhythm is what regulates your connection to nature via your windows. The Five Elements help you harmonize colors. The Six True Words are about controlling the language of the home via being mindful of everything you put on your walls.

The Seven Chakras are associated with processes to keep your home tidy, organized, and in good maintenance. The Eight Trigrams have to do with the nine life areas (goals that you set for every aspect of your life). And, finally, the Magic Square helps us determine how to position things in the home.

Your Homework for Episode 6

Your Homework for Episode 6

  1. Had you heard of any of the nine principles of natural law before?
  2. Did you know that they belonged in a system of 9?
  3. Which of these have you used?

Those who answer will get an invitation to join my Feng Shui Rockstars list, to participate in special meetings to chat about Feng Shui, get free I-Ching readings, and be offered amazing deals in products, services and courses.

Before I found Feng Shui, I had only heard about the Tao, and Yin and Yang. I didn’t know they were part of a larger system. How about you?

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