What to Hang on the Wall Behind Your Headboard to Increase Romance in the Master Bedroom for Good Feng Shui

What you put on the wall behind and above your headboard sets the stage for lovemaking. It’s not ideal to leave it blank.

A common question I’m asked in my Feng Shui practice is what to hang above the headboard in the master bedroom.

The wall behind your headboard, and yes, you should have a headboard, is where you set your intentions for romance and passion in the bedroom.

First I’ll share with you what not to do, so you can avoid mistakes, and then I’ll share what you can do to increase passion and romance in your master bedroom.

Never Put These Things on the Wall Above Your Headboard

Metal objects are not recommended for the wall above the headboard.

Here are some things you should never put on this wall:

  • A mirror.
  • Art with a heavy frame.
  • Shelves.
  • Candles.
  • Art protected by glass.
  • Anything that has metal.
  • Water.

What Images to Avoid on the Wall Behind Your Headboard

Images of forests are not good choices for the master bedroom.

You should avoid:

  • Images of one (single).
  • Images of three (love triangle or threesome).
  • Butterfly images, in any number.
  • Images of forests.

Materials for Art on the Wall Behind the Headboard

Whatever you put on the wall above your headboard needs to be lightweight, so that if it ever fell on either of you, it wouldn’t hurt you.

Here are some materials that are safe for art on the wall above your headboard:

  • Wrapped around canvas, unframed.
  • Tapestry.
  • Posters in a poster frame with an acrylic front.

What Images to Put on the Wall Above Your Headboard

For the wall on the back of your headboard you want images of two, or couples, that emphasize equality.

For example, it can be a picture of two flowers of the same kind, in roughly the same size.

It could also be an image of a couple of birds, or a couple of any animals that are known to mate for life.

I created the image Peonies for Love exactly for the purpose of hanging it on the wall above the headboard, and it’s the one I recommend to my clients.  In my online store you can get it as a wrap around canvas print here.

You may also get the Peonies for Love as tapestry here.

How to Increase Romance in the Bedroom if You Can’t Put Anything Above the Headboard

In some cases, you can’t hang art on the wall behind the headboard because:

  • The ceiling slopes down in that direction and makes that wall short.
  • You have a window behind the headboard.
  • Your headboard is so tall that it leaves no room for art between it’s top and the ceiling.

In the full version of this article, in the Room by Room members-only site, I explain what you can do in cases like these. The article includes explanatory graphics so there’s no doubt as what you need to do. If you haven’t joined the amazing Room by Room members-only site where you can get access to exclusive content and have group meetings with me, go here.

Make sure you’re not making these 5 common mistakes in your master bedroom:

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