Money = Water / Water = Mother / Money = Mother [Feng Shui]

Money = Water

In Feng Shui water equals money. We say that anything that is happening in your home to water also happens to your money. That’s why it’s so important to take care of any water problems right away.

One life area and one room in the home are ruled by the water element.

???? The life area is Career, Life Mission and Individuality
???? The room is the Foyer

What happens in the center of the front wall of your home – the career area – and what happens in the foyer both influence your relationship with money.

The color for the water element is black, not blue as is often supposed, except for really dark blues like navy blues.

The color black can be overwhelming, though, which is why you should never decorate any room in the home with black predominantly.

In the video below, I tell you how to introduce the water element to the money spots in your home without creating overwhelm.

Water = Money

We all came to be in the womb of our mothers, surrounded by water, in the darkness. All life comes from water.

The water element represents water in the deep (not surface water) where everything’s dark, that’s why the color black and colors so dark that they seem black in the distance are the Feng Shui colors for water.

Your mothers gave you sustenance.

All your abundance came from your mom when you were in her belly, and after you were born and during your formative years most of your nourishing should have continued to come from your mom – both the physical and emotional nourishment.

Today, fathers are in general more involved with raising and loving their children, but the connection with the mother is primal.

People who were raised by strong, nourishing, protective mothers – Mama Bears – have an easier time believing that the Universe will always provide for them. Folks whose moms were cold, or distant, have a harder time with this, and they also tend to have an unhealthy relationship with money.

Money = Water and Water = Mother ➡️ Money = Mother

Watch the video to learn more about money, mothers, water, and how your relationship with money symbolizes your relationship with your mother.

How About You?

How about you? Can you tell how your relationship with your mother influenced your sense of abundance?

How could you improve your relationship with money by healing your relationship with your mother?

Everything good in your life happens by first having an inspired thought, but then you do have to take action, and the first action you can take is to write down what you plan to do. If you write it down where others can see it, it’s even more powerful!

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  1. The Matridonal homeopathic remedies are excellent for mother issues.

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