Ancestors in Feng Shui

The significance of ancestors in Feng Shui

Feng Shui originated in ancient China, where honoring ancestors is very important. It makes sense that ancestors are part of the Feng Shui Nine Life Areas.

Ancestors are part of life area 3, Health, Family and Community. This life area works with the keyword STRENGTH.

Your strength comes from both the genes you inherited (your DNA) and the quality of your upbringing (how well you were cared for as a child).

If you come from “good stock,” in other words your ancestors on both sides are “healthy as horses,” you may say you have “good genes.” But if you weren’t treasured as a child by your main caretakers, you may not feel like you are strong in this life area.

If you come from a very functional family but you inherited an illness, or the potential for a certain illness, you wouldn’t feel very strong in life area 3 either.

If you struggle with Health, Family and Community, it is likely you also struggle with life area 4, Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth, because both life areas work with the wood element. The wood element is represented by the healthy tree surrounded by a healthy forest. Symbolically, this is you, surrounded by people who love and value you.

Honor Your Ancestors Regardless of How They Treated You – to Be Healthier and Wealthier!

Your ancestors are your connection to life. You stand on the shoulders of those that came before you.

Whatever their challenges or their mistakes, they still passed on the baton of life to you. They are your connection to the beginning of life.

If your parents were abusive, and are still abusive, honoring your parents doesn’t mean that you should hang out with them. That wouldn’t be safe for you.

Honoring your parents means that you live your life in an honorable way.

How to Connect with Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed

November 2nd is the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

Where I come from, Ecuador, we celebrate this day too, but not in the same way. We don’t have parades, or sugar skulls, or paper cut decorations. We honor our ancestors in a different way – a way that has a lot of overlap with the way Feng Shui sees relationships with ancestors. 

I share with you how we celebrate November 2nd and the importance of honoring ancestors in Feng Shui (to strengthen health and wealth) in the video below. 

Funny fact, when I was looking for filters to record this video, I thought this one was to make your face look like you had painted a white skull on your face – only to later realize it was a face mask and under-eye patches, ????????????

Resentments, Forgiveness and the Grapes of Wrath

Do you need to forgive a family member? Watch this webinar to understand what forgiveness really is. Forgiveness opens up the channels for increased wealth.

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