Karla’s Little Piece of Feng Shui Paradise

My friend Karla lives in Australia, and I don’t know if you’ve been following the news, but over there they have had some of the longest and strictest lock downs in the world in the past two years.

This was brutal for Karla, who owns a small business. Even though she pivoted and adapted most of her business to the online world, she still took a hit.

She could have spent her time pouting and complaining about the pandemic and what governments have done or not done, but instead she put her efforts into improving her home. These endeavors kept her mind and her heart in a good place, and her home has become more of her little piece of paradise.

As she has worked on her home, other things in her life started to go well, in spite of the extremely challenging external conditions around her.

Work Instead of Anger to Create Beauty and Happiness

Every time Karla felt like she might be getting angry or despondent she put her energy into her home. Especially onto her garden.

First, she put her energy into turning her back yard into her dream back yard, so that friends could visit her outside.

See some of the amazing advances in her back yard (still a work in progress, with a gazebo in the future)

Then she moved on to her deck and turned it into an outside living room, where she has a wonderful view of the lake.

Check out what she did with her front deck:

Checkout some of her daily visitors:

Creating More Room for Life

And when that was done, she decided to turn her unattached garage, previously used for storage, into a “she-shed” where she can do some crafts and have extra room for visitors from out of town.

Work has stopped until after the holidays, but take a look at this gorgeous flower bed she had built with retention wall stones. It’s all ready for Karla to do her magic and plant something beautiful.

How Did Karla Accomplish All This During COVID?

Karla has been participating in the Feng Shui Dream Home Creation Lab since September of 2020, when I started this group program.

Other gals in the group have also had amazing improvements to their homes. Soon I hope to show you some of their progress too.

This group has kept all of us sane.

Getting together with like minded people once per week to talk about how to turn their homes into dream homes has been amazing. Once per week, on Tuesdays, I teach a live lesson in the private Facebook group I created just for members of the group. And on Thursdays I give folks feedback on how they can implement the advice to their homes.

After a year of doing this together, we have a pretty amazing library of video lessons for every room in the home. If you join now, you can choose which room to work on first. Check it out here.

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