Women Who Worry About Money Even When They Have It

In the last month several women have approached me saying that they needed help with Feng Shui for money. 

They said their money situation was dire – very worrisome.

However, when I looked at their homes I didn’t see any issues that would indicate money problems.

When I explored a little more, I found out that neither of these gals was actually hurting for money. They all had partners that were good providers. Their needs were all met, and most of their desires were met too. 

While there was no actual lack of money, there was a perception that money was lacking. 

Anxiousness About Money

These women were suffering from anxiousness around money, that was rooted in their own insecurities – from having made the decision to be homemakers once they had kids. 

When you have children, your personal life missions go on the back burner and your kids become your life mission until they are out on their own. 

With this comes a loss of identity for the mama. She starts to be perceived as someone’s mom and someone’s wife rather than her own person. 

Lack of Identity Expressed as Worries About Money

This existential crisis expresses as worrying about money, regardless of how much income comes into the home. I’ve seen this happen to women who are very wealthy, as well as with women who might have a real reason for concern. 

After all, the same Feng Shui life area that is about money, also has to do with individuality and assertiveness. 
This life area is called Career, Life Mission and Individuality.

A Chance to Understand Money and Career

Check out this class to help you understand Career, Life Mission and Individuality, and how this life area affects your relationship with money.

In this class I’ll show you how you can stop worrying about money, for good. (There’s only one way.)


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