Where Does Health Fit in Your Home?

You may have come across some sites where people placed health in the middle of the Bagua Map.

Their argument is that health is “at the center of everything, because if you lose your health, then you have nothing.”

But what is the truth about the center in Feng Shui?

The center needs to be void, empty, because it’s like the center of the wheel. If it wasn’t empty, you couldn’t put an axle through for the wheel to turn. 

All of the life areas revolve around the Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude. 

This includes the Health, Family and Community Life Area.

Why Health is NOT at the Center of the Bagua Map, or of Life

Do you wonder why the ancient Feng Shui masters didn’t put health “at the center of everything?”

I explained this in a recent interview with Gina Dallison, who helps people manage a chronic illness and continue to live a fulfilled life even with health challenges. Watch the video…

How to Get Along with Your Family Members 

All families have conflicts because people are all different. To get along with your relatives you first need to understand the Feng Shui Five Elements Personality Types.

Click on the link below to enter your name and email so I can send you the guide to find your personality type and that of your family members, as well as register you for the free webinar on how to get along with them. https://moni-family.gr8.com/


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