Solving the Feng Shui Puzzle

When my boys were younger, we loved to go together to thrift stores and see what treasures we could find. ????

But we never got puzzles. ????

If you buy a new puzzle at a store, you’re confident that all the pieces are there. But if you get it second hand there’s no such guarantee. 

With a sealed box that you get to open for the first time you know that, no matter how long it takes you to put the puzzle together, when you’re done it will be complete.

With a previously opened box, you could spend a lot of time working on that puzzle to be disappointed at the end, even if just one little piece was missing. 

Solving the Feng Shui Puzzle Starts with This…

It’s the same feeling with your home.

When your floor plan is incomplete you have that feeling of “will this all be worth it?”

Will my work, my tears, my courage [in working toward a goal] be rewarded in the end or am I just wasting my time?

With a complete floor plan, on the other hand, you know that even though you may face difficulties, ALL THE PIECES ARE THERE for you to be happy, healthy and successful. 

How Do You Know if You Have an Incomplete Floor Plan?

complete floor plan is square or rectangular.

An incomplete floor plan is L-shapedC-shaped or has an irregular shape. An incomplete floor plan is a problem even if only a very small part is missing.

Completing the floor plan is Step 1 in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. To see what the other 8 steps are, go here:

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