How Lucky is Your Home? – Quiz

In ancient East Asian medicine, of which Feng Shui is part, luck is not chance – something that happens at random – but rather, something you create with good habits and good Feng Shui.

The luck of your home doesn’t depend on your birth date, or the direction it faces.

The luck of your home depends on how much chi, or life force, enters the home, and how it circulates through it. 

What’s a Lucky Home Like?

A lucky home helps you relax when you need to rest, and be productive when you need to work. 

A lucky home does things for you, that an unlucky home can’t do for you.

The objective of Feng Shui is to create good luck in your home so it can become a supportive partner for all areas of your life. 

Your home should be a supportive partner for all areas of your life. 

Is Your Home Lucky?

To see if your home is lucky or unlucky, answer these questions.

To get accurate results, don’t answer based on what you think is the “right” answer, but rather be honest about what you actually do or how you react.

Get pen and paper and set aside all distractions. This is important.

1 – When something in your life doesn’t go as planned, you…

A. Look for someone to blame, even if it’s yourself.

B. Strategize and make plans for the future.

2 – Friends or family are going through difficult times. You…

A. Try to help as much as you can because you can’t stand to see people you love suffer.

B. Stay out of it, unless you are asked to intervene with a specific skill that you have.

3 – When you come home in the evening, you…

A. Try not to look at the mess, put a quick meal together and go to sleep.

B. Feel energized and get ready to enjoy the remainder of the day.

4 – What describes you better?

A. In the mornings you get coffee to get energized and at night you drink wine to unwind.

B. You wake up refreshed and well rested and you go to sleep easily after a fun evening.

5 – The people in your household…

A. Argue often.

B. Get along just fine.

6 – When you look at your walls, you…

A. Feel embarrassed.

B. Congratulate yourself on your good taste and your good sense.

7 – In your home…

A. There’s too much stuff and not enough space.

B. There’s room for you to do all the things you love to do.

8 – When you think about your future…

A. Everything feels uncertain, you don’t know where you’re going.

B. You have a clear picture of what you want your life to be like.

9 – When facing problems. your first reaction is…

A. You feel small, helpless and overwhelmed.

B. Assess the situation, rest, then take decisive action.

Take a moment to make note of your answers, then click below to see your results.

Click here to see your results.

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