This Is How Lucky Your Home Is

Now that you’ve taken this simple test, you can learn your results.

If you scored 6 A’s (or more) and 3 B’s (or less), your home is unlucky.

If you scored 3 A’s (or less) and 6 B’s (or more), your home is lucky.

If you scored 5 A’s and 4 B’s OR 4 A’s or 5 B’s, your home is neutral.

Share your results at the bottom of this page.

Your Home Should Be Doing Things for You

Your home should do things for you that help you stay balanced and happy.

Good Feng Shui is not an abstract concept, but a collection of practical advice that creates a home that’s happy, comfortable, and beautiful – a home where you can be productive when it’s time to work, and enjoy yourself when it’s time for leisure.

Your home should be like a charging pod that energizes you and helps your achieve your dreams.

Learn here the nine things your home should be doing for you.


  1. My results are “neutral “.

  2. My results are “neutral “

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