Equality in Your Space and in Love

I cried at the end of the series “Mrs. America” (with Cate Blanchett) when I read in the credits that the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) was never actually passed in the United States.

I had thought I was watching the history of how it came to pass, not the history of how it was blocked from passing.

What a shock it was to find out that the “best country in the world” has never thought it necessary to assert there is equality between men and women. In the world, the US is number 30 in gender equality.

The Feng Shui Viewpoint on Equality Between Men and Women

Feng Shui, the art of space arrangement, is thousands of years old. This art is BIG on equality. But it’s not equality in the same way as the women’s liberation movement saw it. 

In Feng Shui, we stress equality of importance, not plain equality. 

Men and women aren’t considered equal, in the same way that no two human beings are equal.

But they are equally important. 

This concept is crucial, especially for women who have chosen to be, principally, homemakers. 

The Power of Homemakers

If you have chosen to stay home with the kids, you may feel, at times, that you aren’t as important as your significant other. You may feel like this because you’re not making as much money, and they’re paying most of the bills. 

But money can do nothing on it’s own. 

Your partner may be depositing the money in your joint bank account, but you are the person turning those digits into food at the table. 

Your spouse may be paying the mortgage, but you’re the one creating a home.

That’s the power of being a homemaker. You get to choose what happens in your home.

The Financial Contribution of Homemakers

Last week one of my clients took a financial quiz. She found out she’s doing $70,000 per year in unpaid housework. 

In other words, if she was doing the work she does for her family, for other people, that’s how much she would make. 

If she lived in New York or Los Angeles, instead of the Midwest, and charging for all the things she does as a wife and mom, she’d be making $170,000 per year. 

Men may support their wives who stay at home and raise their children.

But women also support men in their careers by providing childcare, housework, meals, and overall management of the home.

But of course, a woman who is mainly a homemaker, can also have a part time job or a side gig (such as becoming a Feng Shui consultant), and men are becoming more and more involved in child rearing.

The Home is Your Report Card

You’ve been given power over your home, and as a consequence, you have power over your family’s luck.

This is the reason why you feel so worked up when your home is out of control.

If the home is messy, not pretty, or if there’s always too much to do, then you can’t feel right about life.

It is uncanny how much the home is a mirror for what’s going on in your life.

But it’s even more uncanny how much change you can create in your life by making simple changes at home.

Change Your Spaces to Change Your Life

Your home shouldn’t be draining you, or holding you back.

Your home should be supporting you in life, in love, and in creativity. In short, your home should be uplifting you, instead of bringing you down.

As your home’s manager, it’s important to recognize when you need help, and to give yourself permission to get help.

That help may come from your partner, a baby sitter, a house cleaner, or a Feng Shui consultant.

As your home’s manager, it’s your duty to allocate resources to home improvement, so that the whole family may benefit.

The average mom in the US works the equivalent of 2.5 full-time jobs. That’s a 14 hour workday, seven times per week.

Creating Equality at Home

In Feng Shui we strive to create equality of importance for both partners in a love relationship.

We do this by paying attention to the front door, the dining room, family photos, and the master bedroom.

Equality of importance is, for example, the reason that we insist that you have enough space to walk to either side of the bed, and that you have equal nightstands and lamps on the sides of the bed.

But there are other things we do, as consultants, to ensure that the inherent equal rights of the partners are respected. These things are customized for every client, depending on their particular circumstances.

A Home You Love and that Makes You Happy

Feng Shui can help you create a home filled with beauty and passion. With good Feng Shui, you create the time and the space to do the things that really matter to you.

A home with good Feng Shui energizes you instead of draining you.

But Feng Shui is very complex and hard to figure out on your own. Especially because if you just google it, you’ll find information that is confusing and contradictory.

I hope you’re ready to Feng Shui your home with guidance. Check out three ways in which you can work with me here.

Work with Moni to Turn Your Home Into a Dream Home, with Purpose, Clarity and Confidence.


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